Ashton Morgan: Apartment 17B by Aly Stiles


Release Date: 02.12.2021


Ashton Morgan doesn’t have a chance.

With a young brother and an immature mother to support, he had no choice but to drop out of college to keep his family afloat. But the day his future came crashing down was just the beginning of a tortured journey that won’t let him up for air.

College student Iris Alexander has everything—except the person who’s captured her heart. As the daughter of a billionaire, she understands why the captivating young landscaper is wary of her and her lifestyle. But the harder she tries, the harder he resists. If only she can convince him that he’s the only real treasure in her flashy world.

She needs a purpose.

He needs a lifeline.

They’ll both need each other to survive the present and fight for a future.


Ashton Morgan works two jobs to give his little brother everything he needs, every waking hour is spent thinking how to survive the bad hand fate gave him. He meets Iris Alexander a night at the restaurant he works as waiter, she is beautiful and rich, they feel a deep connection but Ash knows it's a mistake to get near her. Their path is full obstacles will they be strong enough to overcome them?

“Flowers don’t bloom for dead pieces of scorched debris.”

This book hit me hard, I've cried a lot, at times I felt helpless but I was strong enough to keep reading it, fortunately I read it quickly and the end came soon with its warmth bringing peace and hope.

Ashton and Iris come from two very different worlds but their souls are more alike than they believe.
I was hooked on their story because their characters are so real, it seems like you can run into them on the streets of your city. I grew attached to them, I couldn't not love them and I hoped they could get their happy ending.
I adored Iris caring soul, she is nice, sweet and she always tries to help others to get a better life.

“Ash isn’t debris. Ash is the only piece left standing after the fire.”

Aly Stiles made me cry twice in a month with her beautifully written stories that stabs you right in the heart but I can't get enough of her writing and I keep reading her works.

I can't wait to get next book in the series and I hope that Iris' father gets his own book.


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