Between the Lines by T. Gephart

Release Date: 02.05.2021


Justin Tibbs might be a hot, athletic, and amazing firefighter but he also has a reputation as a manwhore. Tessa Ricci worked too long and too hard to be taken seriously in the NYPD to fall victim to his charm.
Assuming he was interested, which he wasn’t.
Until he was.
And then neither of them was sure who was seducing who.


Between The Lines was a wonderful story, there is the right amount of romance, humour and sexyness.

Justin Tibbs is a firefighter, he is good looking and he is also such a flirt. Tessa Ricci is a cop, she is beautiful and strong. They know each other because they work in the same precinct and sometimes they meet outside of work but Justin has always seen her as one of the guys and Tessa knows too well how much of a lady charmer he is. A night Tessa goes to a club she meets Justin who is so shocked he doesn't even recongnise her. There is an indeniable spark of attraction between them but will they risk the awkwardness of the morning after giving into the passion of the moment?

Ricci and Tibbs are a force together, their characters are awesome, I've got attached to them, I've laughed at their bantering, I've swooned at their romance and I've also shed some tears, I've cheered for them throughout the book.

I've read most of T. Gephart books, I love her characters and her writing is getting better and better.


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