Slapshot by Rebecca Jenshak


Release Date: 02.15.2021


I’m banished to Vermont for a scandal that wasn’t my fault, and broke because my famous father cut me off. And did I mention my roommate stole my boyfriend? Yeah, I’m loving my Moo U experience. 

Now I need a job, because this gel manicure won’t upkeep itself. The only available option is the last one I’d ever want--a job as the hockey team’s equipment manager. My plan is to do the bare minimum, get paid, and find my way back into my father’s good graces. 

I will not get involved with a hockey player, no matter how hot. They’re cocky. And obnoxious. I know their type, and I’m not willing to risk getting hurt again. Until Lex Vonne glides into my life looking like sin on a stick. 

He thinks I’m a spoiled brat. 
I think he’s using me to get ahead. 
But the fire I feel when we’re together is like a slapshot to my heart…

Slapshot was a wonderful read. I've freaking loved everything about this book, the characters, main and friends, the hockey, the plot, it was impossible to stop reading it.

Kaitlyn Dalager is a new transferred student at the Moo U, she likes to spurge money until the day she finds herself broke because her famous ex NHL player father cuts her fonds. She has to get a job quickly and her only acceptable choice is the hockey team’s equipment manager, so even if she came to despise everything hockey related because that's her father first and only love, she accepts it. Lex Vonne is a hockey player, he feels insecure in the team because he started to play the sport only few year before so he spends all his energy trying to reach his teammates level, until he meets the new equipment manager. Kaitlyn tries to keep Lex at distance because so many times she had been burnt in the past with guys who has used her in order to meet her father, but it isn't easy to ignore his beauty and kindness. Will Lex conquer Kaitlyn trust showing she is the most important thing in his life? Or will Kaitlyn be right to be cautious with him?

Kaitlyn and Lex are perfect, I adored them individually and as a couple. Kaitlyn is my favourite she could be mistaken for a rich and annoying brat but she actually is a nice girl who is scared to suffer again and she has built high walls to protect herself.

Rebecca Jenshak wrote a sweet, hot and entertaining story, it's easy to read her words and it feels like it ends too quickly...ah ah ah but maybe that's me because I flew between its pages.

I enjoyed and recommend this new adult college romance to everyone, and if you want to read about another great manager I suggest you to also get The Understatement of the Year and The Shameless Hour by Sarina Bowen.


I flip on a lamp and then lean against the edge of the desk. “Do you want something to drink? I’ve got beer and Gatorade.”

“I want you to take off your shirt and kiss me,” she says.

Finally having her admit out loud that she wants me is a boost, but I’ve got a sense of Kaitlyn. If we fool around tonight without talking, we’ll be in the same place. She’ll walk out of here pretending it was nothing.

I grab two beers and offer her one. “If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?”

“A superpower?” A smile splits her lips.

“It was the first question that came to mind.” Probably because I’m using my super restraint to keep my dick from jumping up and slapping me for stopping to make idle conversation. “If you want me to take this off, you have to answer.”

“An answer for an article of clothing?”

I nod and she steps forward and takes the beer from me.

“I’d want to fly.”

“Fly?” I can’t help but chuckle at a response I wasn’t expecting. “No laser beam eyes to destroy your enemies?”

“Less effort and not as messy to just fly far away.”

I open the beer and take a drink before setting it on the desk and pull off my sweatshirt, then run a hand through my hair as I toss the balled-up fabric at her.

She easily catches it. “If I ask you a question, do I have to take something off?”

“Up to you.”


“I’ll give you a freebie.” Moving to the bed, I sit and motion with my head for her to do the same. 

“I’d choose telepathy. Imagine how straightforward everything would be if we all knew exactly what other people were thinking.”


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