The Viscount's Unconventional Lady by Virginia Heath


Release Date: 02.01.2021


The notorious viscount

And the most gossiped-about lady…

After years as a diplomat in the Napoleonic Wars, Lord Eastwood is reluctant to return to London society. His scandalous divorce has made him infamous, not to mention cantankerous! To halt the rumor mill, he should marry a quiet noblewoman—instead it’s bold, vibrant artist Faith Brookes who’s caught his attention. They are the least suitable match, so why is he like a moth to a flame?


When Lord Eastwood,a diplomat and Miss Faith Brookes, an artist, meet each other they take an instantly dislike because of some prejudices. Lord Eastwoon is a divorcé, according to what the gossip column he left his pregnant wife in Portugal and he came back to London. Faith Brookes is a beautiful lively girl almost ever present on the gossip columns thanks to her artsy family more than true scandals. Even if they can't stand each other they are forced to spend some time together because Faith and her father have to draw a family portrait commissioned by Piers' mother. Will the given time spent together let them know each other better? Or will they keep each other at distance to not repeat the same mistakes of the past?

Faith and Piers couldn't be more different, extrovert and vibrant the first, shy and introvert the latter, but they share the same ammount of physical attraction and also the stubborness to not open up and to show each other their true selves.

I've really enjoyed to read Faith and Piers' story. I can't choose who is my favourite character between them I've just adored both of them, they are perfect for each other even if they do as much as they can to deny it.

The Viscount's Unconventional Lady is another well written story by Virginia Heath, with well developed, likeable characters. I adored the gossip column at the beging of some chapters it sounded like Gossip Girl's voice into my head (xoxo GG).

This is a good start for a new charming historical series, I am definitely going to continue to read it, in order to get to know better Faith's sisters.


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