Comeback Route by Jami Davenport


Release Date: 03.18.2021


It’s time for bad-boy quarterback Tyler Harris to put up or shut up–and to win the ring he’s been avoiding his whole life.

Two years without a ring on your finger is enough to drive any girl crazy, especially Lavender Gerloch. She loves her bad-boy quarterback, but he only prizes one type of ring–a championship ring. So it’s time to say goodbye.

Tyler hasn’t been hit so hard in years. Why would anyone want to ruin a perfectly good relationship by making it official? But Lavender’s flight seems to suggest just that, and even worse, his friends’ wives have huddled with her to run a game-winning play. The biggest showdown of his life is coming, and there’ll be no refs calling unnecessary roughness.

He’s down, and the clock is ticking. It’s time for a comeback route, but is Tyler up to the task?


Comeback Route is the follow up of Tyler and Lavender story from Snap Decision.

Unfortunately Tyler hasn’t overcome his commitment fear so when his girlfriend, Lavender, asks once again for something more serious and he refuses, they decide to break up. Is this the end of their love story? 

I really liked Tyler and Lavender relationship and even if I suffered seeing them apart I think that was the only thing to do for our heroine in order to try and change our very stubborn hero’s mind.

This was a short, quick read.
Even if there isn’t any football played in it I recommend to read it and to enjoy the long “epilogue” to Tyler and Lavender story.


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