Opposites Attract by Camilla Isley


Release Date: 02.25.2021


First law of magnetism: opposite poles attract.

Single mom Vivian has been burned by love once before, and her job as a divorce lawyer has presented enough evidence to convince her there are no good men left in New York City.

The worst offender is her new neighbor: Dr. Lucas Keller, a couple’s therapist whose piercing blue eyes and flawless dark hair are just as annoying as his bad temper.

But when Luke starts poaching Vivian’s clients by saving their marriages, she makes it her mission to force him out of the building to save her practice. But it’s Luke who gives her the perfect opportunity when he proposes an unexpected bet.

With their offices at stake, Vivian and Luke play the field of love in a fierce battle of wits that quickly turns hot and personal, especially when Vivian’s daughter gets involved. Now, taking down Luke has become more than business for Vivian. It’s become a pleasure—and soon, Vivian and Luke will realize how pointless it is to fight the laws of attraction.


This was a light-hearted, cute and funny read.

Lucas Keller is a couples' therapist who is desperately searching for a new office. Vivian Hessington is a divorce attorney with a teen daughter to take care alone. Their first encounter will set the tone of their relationship, unfortunately they meet when Vivian has just signed up the leasing of a nice corner office, the same office that Luke was dreaming for himself, so they instantly dislike each other, they start to fight. So when Luke signs for the next door office, they don't stop to drive each other crazy, being petty, doing various mischief. Will they bury the hatchet and become at least friends? Or will one of them be forced to find a new office?

Luke and Vivian couldn't be more different but I've adored their bantering and I laughed so much reading every single awkward situation they caught up in.

I liked Luke and Teagan on the spot, instead it took me a while to warm to Vivian's attitude. In the end I've really enjoyed their story and I wished for them to finally trust each other, letting love do its magic.

I'm a fan of Camilla Isley because she always succeeds to put a smile on my face, she writes entertaing stories, her writing is easy to read and enjoyable.

I recommend to get this book because we need to relax especially this time around...and the crazy author made it free for everyone.


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