Bad Crush by Rebecca Jenshak


Release Date: 04.27.2021


Reasons not to crush on Adam:
He's my best friend's brother.
He's my neighbor.
He's the captain of the hockey team.
He's a serial monogamist who's sworn off dating.

Reasons not to fake date Adam:
See above.
He has no idea I actually like him—like really like him.

But do I listen to any of those really great reasons? Of course not.
Now, thanks to my amazing and convincing acting skills, one fake date ends with him being my fake fiancé (oops!).
My bad crush has gotten me in way over my head.


I thoroughly enjoyed this story, sweet and hot read.

Reagan and Adam are students at the Valley U, they are neighbours, they are friends and he is a serial dater, all these make it difficult for Reagan to confess her feelings for Adam. Everything change when Adam asks her to be his fake date for an important event with his professors, that night they feel so well together that even Adam begins to see Reagan as more than a friend. Could Adam stay in a long relationship? Will their friendship survive if their relationship fails?

My favourite character is Reagan, her doubts are relatable and not fake just to make some drama in the storyline. She is shy around her crush like me and I was so happy to finally see her getting the chance to stay close to Adam. Our hero was a little to slow noticing how amazing Reagan is so I did need more time to like him but then he redeemed himself showing his gentle and protective side.

Rebecca Jenshak created this faboulus world that I never want to leave. Such an amazing group of characters that book after book you see more as friends than mere fictional characters.
I can't wait to get next book.


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