Guarding Shadows by Aly Stiles & Hazel James


Release Date: 04.23.2021


Her demon stalks her.
His demons haunt the shadows of his head.

Internet star turned rocker Quinn Wylder never asked to be famous. So when she starts receiving disturbing messages while on tour with her new band, her reluctant dream quickly becomes a nightmare.

Army veteran Tanner Clarke never asked to be medically retired. But when an injury and PTSD diagnosis force him out of service, he’s left lost and alone in a civilian world that doesn’t seem to have a place for him.

It was the perfect solution: the compassionate angel who needs security hiring the haunted warrior trained to protect. But the biggest battle they face may be one they never saw coming—guarding a body is nothing compared to protecting a heart.


Guarding Shadows is amazing, beautiful, engaging and emotional.

Tanner Clarke was a military, now he is struggling to get used to his new civilian life, his family is not welcoming and he feels broken and hopeless until fate makes him meet Quinn Wylder and her band.
Quinn Wylder is a rising rock star and her new fame attracts the attention of so many people, unfortunately lately she is receiving some menacing messages and she is in need of a bodyguard. Tanner accepts to protect Quinn bur from their working relationship soon blooms something more.

I loved Quinn and Tanner, they are opposites, bright and cheerful the first, gloomy and forlorn the latter.
They are a perfect match, they are a great help for each other and when they let themselves be carefree you can see their true colours...they were meant to be.
I often wanted to phisically get into the book to hug Tanner, only after asking for his permission, and tell him to always believe there is a better future also for him.

I'm used to shed some tears reading Aly Stiles' stories but this time I was an emotional wreck as soon as I've finished to read the author note.
I don't have any relatives nor friends in the military and I'm not even american, but I've read and I've watched so many things about veterans who suffer of PTSD and how unwelcoming their return to the civil life could be that I felt really invested into this novel.

I already knew Aly Stiles wonderful writing style and Hazel James was a nice surprise, now I want to read some of her books too.

I loved it and I'd highly suggest you read it, but be careful if you have some triggers.


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