Courage for Fools by Monty Jay


Release Date: 05.20.2021


Quinn Michelson has lived her entire life on ‘what ifs’ and the hopes of leaving her mundane town in her rearview mirror. When a sudden discovery changes her perspective of existence, she decides to hit the road in search of the one thing she’s been needing all these years—herself. Ahead of her is nothing but the open road, her agenda, and a famous rockstar?
Rhett Kennedy has a silver lining heart. One that gets him in trouble more often than not. Having lost touch with his music, he doesn’t think twice about bombarding Quinn on her trip of self-discovery.
Rhett is looking for music.
Quinn is looking for herself.
Together, they’ll find laughter, heartache, a little courage and if they’re not careful, very thing that makes the world go round—— Love


Courage For Fools was a beautiful and emotional journey through US, Dreams and Self-Discovery.

I love road trips romance, one of my favourite books has that trope, I love to see how love can be born in the span of few days, on the roads, in the tiny confines of a car.
This story takes us on one of the most famous United States' roads, the Route 66, but it shows you some insights that makes the reader feels like a guest on that trip.

Quinn Michelson lived in a little town all her life dreaming of travel around the World but she never left, until she finds out she has cancer and she decides to go on a solo journey on Route 66 to find herself and to show to herself she is capable to do everything she wants. Rhett Kennedy is the lead singer of the famous band Lost Four, he doesn't know that his car breaking down in Everington was a blessing until he goes in a bar and he meets Quinn. Rhett is instantly enthralled by Quinn so he invites himself along her road trip. This is the start of an amazing experience where they will find themselves and maybe love.

"Even people who look like sunshine, like him, have dark spots."

I adored these main characters, I cheered for them to find their happiness. I appreciated how Rhett helped Quinn to break free of her brainiac self and how he taught her to be more spontaneous. Quinn on the other end was Rhett muse to see and appreciate what he has and to not be afraid to take some choices. 
They are so different from each other but they are perfect together, they are funny, sweet and thoughtful.

Monty Jay created a wonderful story where every single character matters and stays with you for life.


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