Unguarded by Jay Hogan


Release Day: 05.06.2021


I fled Boston, and my cheating jerk of an ex, with three hundred dollars and a lip gloss in my pocket. Waking up the next day in Burlington, Vermont, with a crick in my back and a frozen ass hadn’t exactly been my plan. If there was one. Which there wasn’t. Story of my life.

Three hours later, I’ve somehow got myself hired as temporary help in the local veterinary and grooming clinic. I might know zip about animals—but I do know I’m crushing on the sexy, absent-minded vet I work for.

My life is a hot mess, and the last thing I need is another relationship. Emmett pushes all my buttons, but he isn’t out. He's overwhelmed with a business to run and a son to look after and the kind of domestic life I never thought I wanted.

I should walk away. But Emmett believes in me, and I'm beginning to believe in myself. As different as we are, is it possible we're exactly what the other needs?


I loved Unguarded so much, it was really enjoyable.

Tai Samuels left his cheating boyfriend during the night, without any plan and with only the clothes on his back. He arrives to Burlington and thanks to a friendly bookstore clerk he finds a job at a veterinarian clinic. Emmett Moore is a widowed, single father and a great veterinarian but he isn't too good organizing his work and clinic, so when his asstistant leaves him withouth any notice he needs a new one as soon as possible so he hires Tai on the spot. They easily become good coworkers and they refrain themselves to become something more even if they have a great physical chemistry.

Tai and Emmett journey is not too easy because the first has to overcome his insecurities and he has to become stronger and realize he is worth so much more than his ex boyfriend let him believe, the latter has to take the risk and coming out of the closet with his relatives and his son.

These two men found a place into my heart, even if they are so different from each other, messed up and stubborn I loved them in the same way because they are lovely and funny too.

The author made a very good work with the storyline, it is believable and well developped.

I recommend to read this one.


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