Goalkeeper by Andi Burns


Release Date: 06.07.2021


Winning games has always been his focus, but will winning her heart become the ultimate goal?

Everyone at Moo U knows the party doesn’t start until Paige Underwood arrives. Not only is she beautiful, she’s fun and charming too. Guys want to date her, and girls want to be her best friend. All Paige wants is to have a good time and make videos for her beauty channel--and maybe get that girl down the hall to do her eyeliner correctly. Is that too much to ask?

According to her parents, yes. They’ve said the party’s over and that it’s time to get focused.

Spencer Briggs knows all about focus. He’s had one goal since he set foot on the ice as a kid: make it to the NHL. After years of hard work and endless practice, he’s the starting goalie for Moo U and mere steps away from his dream. He can’t afford distractions, and isn’t interested in relationships. And he definitely can’t afford to flirt back with the gorgeous girl in his lit class.

He needs to stay serious. She needs to get serious. But now serious sparks are flying . . .


I've enjoyed Paige and Spencer's story so much, it was nice and easy to follow their journey, even though some characters made me angry.

Paige Underwood and Spencer Briggs are opposites, extroverted and easy going the first, shy and introverted the latter but they easily bonded over their difficult relationship with their insufferable and hard to please parents. Briggs' father wants him only dedicated to hockey, he keeps pressure him to be the best player of his team in order to not lose his place on the NHL. Page's parents instead want her only dedicated to study for the test that will admit her to law school. You can see that they don't have much time to do something other than training and studying but their relationship grows nonetheless, their physical chemistry and attracion are hard to tame and refrain.

They are lovely and sweet, I hated to see them so stressed at times but it was really sweet to see them to comfort each other and to stick together.
I loved how Paige helped Spencer to become more confident speaking in front of people and how he makes her feel always appreciated in whatever she does.

Goalkeeper is the last book in the MooU series and I'm a little sad to say goodbye to these characters, I'm sure I'll go back and reread most of them.


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