My Greatest Mistake by T. Gephart


Release Date: 07.10.2021


Love isn’t fated.
And anything revealed by a sideshow fortune teller about soulmates is also bogus.
But when the same unique name is called over the loudspeaker at a hospital years later, even a skeptic like Zara can’t fight the curiosity.
And when he turns out to be a witty, good-looking, intelligent and successful lawyer, a girl might rethink her stance.
But is he everything he claims to be? Or is he too good to be true?
Crazy attraction and an undeniable connection make for a lethal combination.
And he is either her ultimate true love or her greatest mistake.


Zara Mathews and Lincoln Archer are two hardworking lawyers, they meet thanks to fate and even if neither of them are looking for a relationship they can't get over their first encounter. They keep meeting each other and keep engaging in skirmishes, like the good lawyers they are, they have a great phisical chemistry and a strong attraction. Will they give their relationship a chance or will their days together are numbered?

I adore Zara, I admire her strength and her determination but also her love for her little sister. Lincoln is a very nice man that i wish I could have met in real life, his friendliness and courtesy is disarming and I've understood since the beginning that Zara wouldn't have had any chance other than falling for him. Their relationship was funny and intriguing, it grew chapter after chapter even if their attraction was evident from the beginning.

My Greatest Mistake was a well written, well thought romantic story that I've enjoyed and read pretty quickly.
I recommend it if you need a laugh and a happy time.


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