The Marquess Next Door by Virginia Heath


Release Date: 06.29.2021


A dashing new neighbor…

Temptation on her doorstep!

To avoid an unwanted suitor at a ball, Hope Brookes asks another gentleman to rescue her. He obliges—with a surprisingly passionate kiss! He's revealed as her sinfully handsome new neighbor, Lucius, Marquess of Thundersley, and they forge a friendship over their balconies. It’s refreshing that Lucius is more interested in her writer dreams than her looks, so why can’t she stop thinking about that kiss? 


The Marquess Next Door was so good, I think it is my favourite Regency romance of the year until now.

Hope Brookes is a beautiful woman, blessed with voluptuous body that catches the unwanted eyes of the most vile men of the ton, that makes her hide even at her sister's engagement ball. Lucius Duff is the latest Marquess of Thundersley, he's just arrived from Cornwall and he doesn't like his new duties so he decides to hide in the gardens during a ball. Here he meets the attractive and sharp-tongued Hope who asks him to help her to get rid of one of her suitor, so Luke kisses her.
The chemistry between Hope and Lucius is sizzling, after their first unforgettable kiss they know they can't run or hide from one another, especially when they find out they are neighbours.

I adored Hope and Luke's journey made of funny banters, serious confidences and secret encounters under the moon. They are both smart, kind and beautiful. Their friendship is genuine and a solid foundation for their relationship.

Virginia Heath has a way of writing that entralls the reader from the first chapter, the smooth pace, the fresh storyline and the beautiful characters always make the book too short.
I particularly appreciated how she wrote about mental illness in such a graceful way that it didn't weigh the story down, actually it made it even more special.

Definitely a must read.
I'm already waiting for the third and last novel in The Talk of the Beau Monde series.


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