Haint Blue by Stephanie Alexander


Release Date: 04.22.2021


Clairvoyant single mom Tipsy Collins is easing into a post-divorce new normal. She’s solved a century-old murder mystery and brought peace to her house. She’s rebuilding her artistic career and co-parenting with her ornery ex-husband. She’s hopeful that her boyfriend is Mr. Right. Mercurial phantom Henry Mott still haunts her house, but he’s become a dear friend. Tipsy plans to return to her lifelong habit of ignoring restless spirits.
A series of sudden financial and personal setbacks leave her feeling like she's back to square one, until a new friendship offers unexpected financial salvation. Ivy More has been haunting a Sullivan's Island cottage since the 1940s. Ivy's eccentric granddaughter, Pamella Brewton, will pay big bucks if Tipsy can figure out how to free her moody, volatile Meemaw. It turns out there was more to Ivy’s death than a simple swan dive off the dock at low tide. To complicate matters, Ivy had a secret lover. Shockingly, he's someone Tipsy has seen before.

As Tipsy struggles with heartbreak, her ex-husband's shenanigans, and a growing sense of frustration with life, she turns to Henry for help solving Ivy's mystery. She finds herself learning from her brooding housemate, but also from Ivy, who has far more in common with Tipsy than either of them expect.


Sometimes the right book find you and not the other way round. That's what happened to me with Haint Blue by Stephanie Alexander, I chose it among others for the beautiful cover, without even reading the blurb, and I tell you it was amazing I’ve devoured it so quickly for a big book like that.

This is the second book in the series but if you, like me, didn't have read the previous one don't worry because it could be read as a standalone.

Tipsy Collins is a gifted painter, single mom of three and a paranormal sleuth. She can see ghosts and she can help them to solve their unfinished business in order to send them in the after life, whatever that enteils.

In this story Tipsy has to work for Pamella who has a furious grandmother, Ivy, that haunts her house. It won't be an easy job because Ivy's life and death have some shadows and intrigues to clear up.

It was a delight to follow Tipsy in this adventure, but the most fascinating thing is her messy personal life that mesh up perfectly with her artistic and paranormal life. I'd like to be her friend so we can share our catastrofic relationships' war stories.

Definitely recommended!!


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