The Wishing Tree Beside The Shore by Jaimie Admans


Release Date: 05.26.2021


What do you do when ‘the one that got away’ now won’t go away?

In fact, he’s so determined not to go away that he’s literally chained himself to a tree.

Fifteen years ago, Felicity Kerr threw caution to the wind and kissed her colleague Ryan Sullivan under the ancient wishing tree along the coast.

When Ryan failed to respond to her kiss, Felicity was mortified that she’d read his signals so horrendously wrong and left Lemmon Cove for good.

But now Felicity’s job brings her back to her hometown, and face to face with Ryan, who is leading a band of octogenarians rallying to save their beloved 300-year-old sycamore from being bulldozed by property developers.

The spark with Ryan is still there, but Felicity is guarding a secret and as much as she wants to join the protest by his side, she can’t help but hold back.

Will Felicity be able to mend her broken heart and find happiness with Ryan beside the sea?


The wishing tree beside the shore is a light, fluffy and enchanting read.

Jaimie Admans created a good story, nothing not heard before or unpredictable but I adored the writing style and the wishful tree.

Felicity works in a property development office in London but she still hasn't had a chance to show her value until a day her boss tells her to go back to her home village to persuade the owner of a residential home to sell part of his property in order to build a seaside hotel. Felicity thinks that is her chance to get a promotion but when she comes to the place she is not sure anymore that's the job she wants to do. Lemmon Cove community gathered around the centenarian sycamore they wany to save, at the protest Felicity meets the funny and witty elderlies who live at the care home and the camping owner who is tied at the tree overlooking the sea is non other than his first love Ryan. Will she get the courage to tell everyone her real job?

Felicity and Ryan were separated for a long time with a broken heart and I liked to read how they mend their relationship under the magical gaze of the wishing sycamore. I would have preferred a little more incisive and resolved heroine but I can also understand Felicity fear to tell the truth and to risk to lose her new and old friends and her feeling part of the community.

Perfect for the Summer hot days where no one wants to think too hard.


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