Undone by Leslie McAdam


Release Date: 08.12.2021


My new roommate has the worst taste in men.

I mean, Murph’s special. He’s funny and flamboyant and full of life.

While I’m straight, even I can tell these guys aren’t good enough for him.

I had to yell at one date, toss another one out the door, and throw a beer in another’s face.

Kind of embarrassing, really. I don’t know what’s gotten into me.

I ask my sister what’s wrong with me and she says I’m jealous.

Jealous? Please. Me?

Come on.

Only thing is, I hate the thought of Murph kissing any guy. Ever.

Except, maybe ... me?


Undone was a good read. 

Jason has a new flatmate, Murph, he finds him cute and they have a lot of interests in common. Day after day Jason grows fonder of his new friend and he begins to see Murph differently, but he is straight, right? Murph is instantly attracted to his new landlord but  he knows that is dangerous to fall in love with a straight man but that doesn’t forbid him being a flirt. Will there be heartbreak in their future or an happy ending? Find it out reading this story.

I liked Murph since the beginning, he is exuberant and unashamedly himself, on the contrary I did need more time to like Jason because he is too indecisive and he isn’t in charge of his life for most of the book, but I liked his nurturing and sweet side.


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