Fireproof by Delancey Stewart


Release Date: 09.13.2021


The newest barista at the Busy Bean is about to steam the place up...

Former Marine Mason Rye can make a cappuccino with military precision, but he finds it much harder to serve up a smile. It’s not that he doesn’t like people. But he knows from experience that once you let someone in, it hurts like hell when you lose them. And Mason’s lost too many people already.

So it’s pretty damn inconvenient when his old Marine buddy shows up on Mason’s goat farm with his younger sister in tow. Heather’s work in Washington D.C. has turned dangerous, and she needs a safe place out of town.

Mason doesn’t need a new roommate, especially not a pretty, single one who insists on rearranging his spice rack and giving his chickens cute names. Although there’s no denying the haunted look in her blue eyes. Every time her fear shows its face, he wants to reach for her.

The problem is that she wants him, too. And when Mason breaks all his rules, they practically burn down his bed together. But her life is in D.C. And the threat against her is over.

Unfortunately, neither of their hearts is fireproof...


Fireproof was an enjoyable read.
Delancey Stewart writing flows beautifully, the storyline was really good and all the characters were likeable, I honestly couldn't put this book down.

This was Mason and Heather story, a farmer and a former marine the first and a former teacher and now busy to change the world in Washington D.C the latter. Heather found herself escorted to Vermont by her brother who wants to keep her safe from the threats that were targeting her in the city. Mason's solitary life and his routine are disrupt by the arrival of his best friend's sister. They couldn't be more different but living together in a small house will make them understand that they aren't happy and maybe there is something lacking from their lives.

I adored this couple even if they are too stubborn and scared to admit their feelings until it was almost too late. It was really funny to see how these characters begin to know each other and how they fit into each other lives bringing some hope and light.

I strongly encourage you to read this novel.


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