How Not to Chaperon a Lady by Virginia Heath



His childhood nemesis…
…is the woman he can’t resist!

Chaperoning Charity Brookes while she’s on a singing tour should be easy for Griffith Philpot—he’s spent his whole life sparring with her over her flighty ways! But as he discovers that she’s much more than the impetuous girl he thought he knew, a passion ignites between them… Sharing a steamy kiss leaves him torn—he’s supposed to be responsible for guarding her virtue!


How Not To Chaperon A Lady is the third and last book in The Talk of the Beau Monde trilogy.

We finally come to know Charity Brookes better. In the previous books she was depicted as the wildest and the most stubborn among the Brookes sisters, but in this one we can also see her commendable work ethic and her kind soul.

Charity finally got the success she deserves as an opera singer and she is requested for a tour in the North. What started as the opportunity to go for a big unchaperoned adventure with her best friend Dorothy, soon became travelling with Dorothy's brother, the insufferable and boring Griffith.

Charity and Griffith have had a rocky relationship for years, but maybe what they think it is a mutual dislike hides some deeper feelings, they are not ready to accept.

I've really enjoyed to follow Charity and Griffith in this journey. It was beautiful to see them grow and slowly let each other see their true self, baring their souls at the very end.

I was caught up in story since the first chapter, the main characters banters and their self analysis keep the rithm flowly and lively.

I've just finished this novel and I already want to read a new book from Virginia Heath, because I can't get enough of her writing.

I recommend it if you like historical romance with a hint of a scandal.

Release Date: 09.28.2021


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