Off-Season by Jami Davenport




I just ended my rookie year with the Seattle Sockeyes in a win-or-go-home game, and we went home. I played a big part in that loss thanks in part to my lack of team play. It's time to lick my wounds, re-examine my role, and come to terms with demons I've been avoiding for too long. I buy an RV and take to the wilderness for a little solitude and lot of soul-searching. Just me, my dog Bones, and nature. There's one problem. My campsite neighbor is a too-cheerful, busy-body camp host. She brings out the worst in me, but I can't stop thinking about sharing a sleeping bag with her.


As a brand ambassador for a large RV manufacturer, it's my job to make sure everyone is enjoying their camping experience. Usually I'm quite good at fixing problems and assisting campers until I meet the hot, grumpy hockey player next door. He claims he wants to be left alone; but after one look at his lost expression, I'm certain that's the last thing he needs. To complicate things, we have chemistry, the kind which blazes past all misgivings and singes everyone in sight.


Off-Season was a great read, it's funny, sweet, has a lot of likeable characters and a satisfying storyline. It put a smile on my face from start to finish.

Andy ends his first year with the Sockeyes with a crushing defeat, a lecture from the team's captain and the usual argument with his half brother. He decides to take some alone time to think about his life, so he buys a RV and he goes camping. When he gets at the campground he finds out that the outdoor life isn't easy as he thought, fortunately Kennedy, the woman who lives next to him, knows her stuff and helps him. Andy doesn't like to be helpless so he reluctantly accepts her advices but day after day he likes Kennedy more and more, and he enjoys their time together even when he looks ridiculous.

Andy and Kennedy have an amazing chemistry, in and out of the bedroom. They have such opposite personalities, broody the first and lively the latter, but they still like to spend some time together, they embark on more adventures than they expected at the beginning of their journey.

I loved to see some of the other characters from previous books and after the prologue I can't wait to get next book.

Release Date: 09.23.2021


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