Searching For Truth by Barry Finlay



Former journalist Jake Scott relies on his weekly breakfast gatherings with friends and a temperamental tabby cat named Oliver to keep his spirits up. He has lost his wife, retired from his job and watched his daughter move to Toronto with her boyfriend.

Things change when one of the breakfast attendees, a beautiful and tenacious police detective with a troubled teenage daughter, suggests Jake should write a book. When he takes her advice and researches a convicted murderer’s case, he finds out something is terribly wrong. Could a member of the breakfast group be hiding a secret deadly enough to commit murder?

Jake follows leads that uncover a mysterious and disturbing rollercoaster ride of clues, all while his attraction for the detective grows. An attempt to force the true murderer out of hiding results in a terrifying ordeal on the coldest night of the year.


Searching For Thruth was my first attempt to read a mystery novel that wasn't cozy and I've really enjoyed it. It was challanging, but after the prologue that made my heart rate spike high and made me so anxious I was scared to keep reading, it was all downhill.

I've never read a Barry Finlay novel but I assure you this won't be the last.
The writing is addicting, the plot is intricate, the freezing Ottawa scenery goes perfectly with the story's tone.

Jake Scott is a retired journalist, widower who lives with his grumpy cat. He interrupts his loneliness and boredom meeting some friends for the Saturday breakfast. One day at the table someone suggests to Jake to write a book as a hobby to be more active. That's why Daniela, one of the most recent member at their breakfast table and Staff Sergeant of the homicide squad, tells him to take a look to a murder case that has some shadows. Will Jake be more happy now that he has something to keep him busy? Or the risks to be involved in something bigger than him are too high?

It was interesting to see how the relationships between these characters changed throughout the story, as everyone is a possible suspect at one time or another.

I particularly liked the growing friendship between Jake and Dani and her daughter, I hope to read more about these characters.

Release Date: 09.01.2021


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