Sidetracked by R.L. Kenderson


Release Date: 09.13.2021


“Sometimes, not knowing where you’re going will lead you to where you need to be.”


My workplace eliminated my position the same month my relationship ended. With nothing keeping me in Richmond, Virginia, I get in my car and head northeast, unsure of where I’ll end up.

Until I walk into The Busy Bean Café.

With the Help Wanted sign and the quote on the wall meant for me, I know I’ve found my new home.


I gave up my executive job in Boston to come home to help run my family’s hardware store and to open my own handcrafted furniture business. I have specific plans for my life.

Those plans don’t include the coffee shop’s new flighty barista even if she is cute as hell.

But when I become Charli’s landlord, I find it harder than ever to stay away from her. And soon, I don’t want to.


Sidetracked was a nice, quick and easy read.

When Charli lost her job and broke up with her boyfriend, she left Virginia putting few things in her car and driving off into the horizon.. She stops in Vermont at the Busy Bean to eat something and decided to stay. Gabe works at the family Hardware store, he also makes handcrafted wood furniture. Gabe reluctantly accepts Charli as tenant in the other half of his duplex, risking she disrupts his peace with her lively personality and hot body. Will they survive living next to each other not giving in to temptations?

I've enjoyed this story. I like Charli trusts in fate and Gabe grumpiness, even if I would have slapped him when he is rude, and I love their physical chemistry. I loved how their relationship begins and their bickerings make their connection and attraction grow into something they don't even imagine.
I would have liked to see Gabe pleading a little more but I adored the ending.

I'm so glad I read it and I highly recommend it.


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