Blame it on the Eggnog by Jami Davenport




I'm a single father, and I've had all the change I can handle: Retirement from the sport I love, a crazy ex-wife in prison, and five kids who need me more than ever. I don't have time for a relationship, let alone one with the interfering mother of the best player on the hockey team I'm coaching. She’s annoying as hell, but she’s also equally on my mind.


I'm a hockey mom and proud of it. I'm also the over-protective mother of a talented daughter hell-bent on playing with the boys. I'm determined that my daughter gets a shot at her dream despite her gender, even if it means butting heads with the team's rigid and hot AF coach. I have no intention in falling for this brooding man with a houseful of children, but sometimes life doesn't stick to the plan.

We wanted to blame it on the eggnog, but there's no denying our chemistry. Can two single parents find love and healing in the magic of a Garland Grove Christmas, or will our complicated lives ruin the best thing that's ever happened to us?


Blame it on the Eggnog is a nice and quick read.

Jacques Frontier, is a former hockey player who moved with his five kids to the small town of Garland Grove, to give them a calmer environment to grow up. When he accepts to be the coach of his son's hockey team, he doesn't expect to like the job so much and to feel attraction for one of the moms of his young players. Serenity Jacobs is a single mom who wants the best for her kid and she becomes a mama bear to protect her offspring. That's not the only reason she keeps an eye on the new handsome coach. There is a deep connection between them and a great chemistry but will they act on it or will they be too cautious to save themselves and their children from a future heartbreak?

Jacques and Serenity journey gave me all the feels. Their relationship grows organically, their fears to suffer again for love are believable. I grew so attached to them and their kids I was almost sad to finish the book.

Jami Davenport finally gave us Jacques Frontier's full story. I was waiting for this character's story since I've read about him in a previous book. The author didn't disappoint and delivered the sweet happy ending this man deserved.

Don't worry, this is a complete standalone, I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as I did.

The festive season is approaching I recommend to one click this story and consider it an early present.

Release Date: 11.09.2021


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