Gaming Hell Christmas by Kathy L. Wheeler & Amanda McCabe



GAMING HELL CHRISTMAS - VOLUME 1: Mysteries abound at the newest Hell in town.

A Gift for the Duke's Illegitimate Daughter - Kathy L Wheeler
Miss Alexandra Blessing, the Duke of Winsome’s illegitimate daughter longs for anonymity and a home of her own where her younger half-siblings don’t commandeer every moment of her day. Escape is imminent—right after her family’s annual Christmas fete.
But Alexandra is missing from the ball, and Theodore Millburn must find her before he loses something important: his chance for love.

The Merry Widow's Christmas Adventure - Amanda McCabe
Annabelle, Lady Ranstruther, after a year of lonely widowhood is ready for new love—and she knows exactly who she wants—her wild friend, the gorgeous William, Lord Deansley. She fears he doesn't want her, until they meet again at the exclusive, discreet gaming hell la Sous Rose, at Christmas.
Will it mean a future of love—or the end of all her dreams?


Gaming Hell Christmas consists of two novellas, interconnected in a way because the heroines are friends but they have their own satisfying end.

I only knew one of the two authors who signed this book, I've already read and appreciated Amanda McCabe work in the past, while Kathy L. Wheeler was a great surprise.

A Gift for the Duke's Illegitimate Daughter by Kathy L Wheeler:

Alexandra, the oldest daughter of the Duke of Winsome’s, wants to go to live by herself but her father doesn't let her. During a masquerade ball a charming man swept her away, making her live the most incredible and exciting night of her life that ended with a bet.
At the start of the story I sadly saw Alex and Theo like pawns in the hand of their families, and I adored when they finally break free and they begin to consider their own feelings and to make their own choices.

The Merry Widow's Christmas Adventure by Amanda McCabe:

Lady Ranstruther feels trapped even now that she is a widow, because her step son wants to deem her freedom, doesn't leaving her alone and trying to ruin her rapprochement with an old flame. Fortunately she isn't easily intimitaded and the Christmas time with all the festivities and balls will be a good distraction.
I cheered for Belle since the first chapter, she hasn't had a very happy life and now she really deserves some joyful times with her friends and Will. Belle and Will are perfect for each other, I've enjoyed to see them shyly approaching each other at the beginning and then to grow fond of each other becoming more and more daring.

I recommend to read this book because I loved the leading Ladies, they are funny and indipendent. 
I really hope that there will be other stories set at the La Sous Rose.

Release Date: 12.01.2021


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