lunedì 26 ottobre 2020

The Little Christmas Shop on Nutcracker Lane by Jaimie Admans


Release Date: 10.16.2020


It’s the most magical time of year, and anything can happen…

Nia Maddison has always believed that wishes come true on Nutcracker Lane. So, when she gets the opportunity to run her own Christmas gift shop on the most magical street in town, it feels like her wishes have been finally granted.

But working late one night, Nia discovers yet another boyfriend has cheated on her. As she trudges home – alone, again – she passes the (supposedly) magical nutcracker and half-joking thinks a wish can’t hurt. Cracking a nut in its mouth, she wishes to find Prince Charming.

The next day Nia gets to work to find another decoration shop has opened directly across the lane from her own, and she can’t resist having a nose around.

Whilst there, she accidentally backs into a human-sized Nutcracker, knocking it over and breaking it. Mortified, she flees from the store but when she gathers her resolve to go back and apologise, she stumbles across the gorgeous shop owner James, who looks exactly like Prince Charming…

Could her Christmas wish from the night before really be coming true?


I’ve only read two stories written by Jaimie Admans but those stories talked about my most favourite things in the World, books and nutcrackers. She speaks to my soul.
I like to taste her words slowly because it’s like a movie in my head.
I want to tell you that The Little Christmas Shop On Nutcracker Lane had to be made into a movie like yesterday.

Nia, after so many attempts, got accepted to open her Christmas shop on Nutcracker Lane. She is really excited because she has got so many beautiful memories of the place visiting it every year since she was a kid. This year however, after one too many cut at budget, the shops lane in not what it used to be. Nia tries to get Nutcracker Lane its former glory helped by all the shopkeepers and one shop assistant who is in need to find some love for Christmas.
Will she save Nutcracker Lane or this magic place will shut off forever?

I loved the characters and I appreciated the slow growth and little changes you can see they make page after page.
Nia’s enthusiasm for Christmas won me over as much as James.

This story is about Magic and Hope two things that cannot miss at Christmas, I highly recommend to read it if you, like me, aren’t feeling the Christmas spirit this year.

giovedì 22 ottobre 2020

The 12 Christmases of You & Me by Jennifer Joyce


Release Date: 10.20.2020


What if you could go back in time and fix the biggest mistake of your life?

Two years ago, Maisie’s best friend walked out of her life and she hasn’t heard from him since. When she wakes up in 1994, she naturally assumes she’s dreaming. But when she finds herself in the past again the next night and her actions in the dream alter her present-day life, she begins to wonder if she’s somehow hopping back in time. And if she is time-travelling, can she save her friendship with Jonas?

When Maisie is forced to relive Christmases of the past, will she face up to her mistakes, or make them all over again?


Once again I went into this book without reading the blurb and I was pleasantly surprised, I think I was as much surprised as our heroine.

Maisie, Lily and Jonas were the best of friends until Maisie cracked her and Jonas friendship. Now they haven’t talked in two years but maybe Lily’s wedding is her best shot to make up with him, but before then she spent some time thinking of her past, trying to understand where everythibg went wrong. If Maisie was given the chance to go back and change something will she do it or not?

It was a nice, sweet story that kept me captivated from the begin to the end. I loved the characters and their friendship, it was a pleasure to go back to the 90ies for a while.

I’m so glad to have found this new to me author because she made a great work with the intriguing plot and the lovely and funny characters.

I highly recommend you to read this story because among other reasons it is a Christmassy story with big families dinner and all of of my favourite sub-genre.

martedì 20 ottobre 2020

Only One Chance by Natasha Madison


Release Date: 10.20.2020



They called me the pretty boy on and off the ice. Hockey’s most eligible bachelor. 

When my teammate asked me to donate one date to his charity, I figured why not. Worst case, I’d spend the night with a fan. Best-case scenario, she would be hot. What I wasn’t expecting was for my dream girl to be the highest bidder.

For years, she brushed me off, and now, I finally had a chance to take her out and show her who I really was. 

With only one shot at this, I really hoped I didn’t mess it up. 


At the top of my career, I was riding the wave of my sports talk show having the best rating on the radio. 

I also made it a rule to never date any sports players. 

It was my one rule, and I was sticking to it until I bid on the only man who gets under my skin. 

All it takes is one touch, one night, one kiss, and only one chance.


Only One Chance was such a good read with a beautiful group of characters that you can know better in the other books of the series.

Miller is a hockey player who likes flirting. Layla is a sports radio host. They've known each other for years and even if he has been trying hard to go out on a date with her she has always declined his invitation until now. During a charity party, where there were quite a lot of champagne consumption, Layla bid the higher sum of money to win a date with Miller. After a moment of shock she finally accepts to go out with him and she finds out that Miller is not only the biggest flirt in the men history but he has also a romantic side. Will Miller conquer her heart? Will Layla overcome her fears and completely trust Miller?

Natasha Madison wrote an entertaining story, the slow burn and the witty bantering only emphasize the chemistry and the attraction between the main characters.

I highly recommend to one click this book.

lunedì 19 ottobre 2020

Secret Puck by Rebecca Jenshak


Release Date: 10.19.2020


Secretly hooking up with the team captain's sister was a bad idea.
In my defense, the first time I saw her I didn't know who she was.
Kind, gorgeous, a little naïve. Ginny brightened my world from day one.
I knew I was no good for her. She was just out of a relationship and I had a reputation for having a new girl in my bed every weekend.
I tried to do the right thing. Honest.
I'm the one who insisted we should be just friends.
That lasted about as long as you'd expect.
But Ginny? She's the best - best friend, best everything.
So yeah, hooking up with the team captain's sister wasn't a great idea.
Would I do it again?
In a heartbeat.


Welcome back to the Velley U!!

Rebecca Jenshak brings us back to the campus where we previously fell in love with a bunch of beautiful and funny jocks. Now we meet another group of friends and I can assure you they have nothing to envy to the old ones who in the meantime have graduated.

Secret Puck was a nice and sweet read, low in the drama side and full of funny scenes.

Heath is a promising hockey player, he likes flings without any feelings. Ginny is a freshman, she has planned to start college with her high school boyfriend but that never happened so now she is broken hearted and she is lonely. She accepts her older broter’s help and she goes to his party to meet some new friends. Here she meets Heath, her brother’s teammate, and between them there is istantly a physical attraction but they are looking for different experiences at the college so they choose to be friends. Will they succed to be just friends? Or will they give in to the chemistry they have?

I really enjoyed this story and I’m looking for the next one because I’ve also appreciated the supporting characters.

giovedì 15 ottobre 2020

Game Changer by Alley Ciz


Release Date: 10.15.2020


@𝗨𝗼𝗳𝗝𝟰𝟭𝟭: 𝗧𝗵𝗼𝘂𝗴𝗵𝘁 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗱𝗶𝗱𝗻’𝘁 𝗳𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗹𝗲 @𝗖𝗮𝘀𝗮𝗡𝗼𝘃𝗮𝟴𝟳? #𝗢𝗳𝗳𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗚𝗮𝗺𝗲#𝗟𝗼𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗠𝗼𝗿𝗲𝗧𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗧𝗗𝘀

𝑰 𝒉𝒂𝒅 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒈𝒊𝒓𝒍—𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝒈𝒊𝒓𝒍.
Kay. My Skittles...𝗠𝗜𝗡𝗘.
Then a blitz from the past flattened me like a linebacker.
Time for a new playbook.

𝑴𝒂𝒔𝒐𝒏 𝑵𝒐𝒗𝒂 𝒊𝒔...𝒂𝒓𝒈𝒉!
I told myself to stay away.
Warned my heart 𝘯𝘰𝘵 to fall for him.
Did it listen? 𝗡𝗢𝗣𝗘.
Now it feels like it’s crushed under a fallen cheer pyramid.
Sorry to tell you, but 𝘺𝘰𝘶 are 𝗡𝗢𝗧 a game changer.

**This book 2 in the U of J Series and cannot be read as a stand-alone.**


I was kind of itching to get back in the UofJ world to find out if Kayla and Mason still have a future as a couple.

Game Changer starts where Looking To Score ended. We see how Mason understands he made a mistake breaking up with Kayla and tries to make ammend and to win her back.
I adored how cute and funny our hero is, and loved all the bantering with his friends.

I've found this story really enjoyable, the pace was smooth and kept my attention throughout the book.
I hated to read the end because there's a new cliffhanger that's almost worse than the previous one.I think I can't wait until December to know how this trilogy ends.