mercoledì 3 giugno 2020

Varsity Heartbreaker by Ginger Scott

Release Date: 05.23.2020


Lucas Fuller is a lot of things.
He’s the boy next door.
He’s the first crush I ever had.
He was my first kiss.
He’s also the only person who has ever broken my heart.

For two years, I’ve wondered what happened to the us I used to know.
We were best friends, and then suddenly…we weren’t.
I tried to run away from it. I even changed schools just to make the hurt disappear.
But no matter how hard I tried to not think about Lucas, I just couldn’t stay away from the high school quarterback with perfect blue eyes and so many secrets.

I’m back. We’re seniors now. We’ve grown—all of us. And Lucas Fuller might be different, but I’m different too. This is my time to take risks, to experience life and to fall in love for real.

I want Lucas Fuller to be a part of my story, but I know for that to happen, I need to know the truth about our past.


June and Lucas are neighbours, they were also the best of friends until the day things got complicated and Lucas completely stopped talking to her or even so much so greeting her.
Now,after two years, June got back at the same high school Lucas attends and for them there is no way to avoid confrontation...will they find a way to go back to each other or will their relationship be doomed forever?

This was a very good young adult read.
June and Lucas journey reminded me of myself at that age, even if some behaviours don't look like something I share now at 34 years old, being honest in my teens I was willing to wait and to love a guy even if he doesn't feel the same way for me.

I think Ginger Scott wrote a solid story with relatable characters that perfectly show the reader their age issues and heartbreaks.
I can't wait to read next novel in the series because reading this book I fell for the "Douche"...none other than Tory D'Angelo.


There’s a camera crew on the field—a real one, not our student-run Internet show. They’ve positioned camera guys on either side of the banner being stretched out by a tower of cheerleaders. When the team trickles out, everyone in the student section— which has basically grown to be two-thirds of the stands—gets on their feet to scream. Abby is standing in front of me and she turns, catches me not doing my part, and points in that threatening way she has.

“Fine,” I mouth, cupping my hands around my lips and shouting, “Go Eagles!” as loud as I can. The sheer volume of my own voice, the togetherness of this moment, all of it—it infects me. My smile quits being pretend, and I get caught up in my role. I have a part to play, albeit probably not as important as everyone thinks, but for the next three hours, I will be a superfan. For the next three hours, nothing matters more than winning this game and destroying some school from South Bend. 

The young men on the field shout in unison, growling with testosterone and pounding into each other, smacking helmets to helmets and gripping at facemasks to amp up their game faces. They explode through the banner, confetti covering the corner of the field as it’s fired from a few cannons held by some of our cheerleaders. Lucas is the first to break through, holding an American flag as he sprints straight down the center of the field, his co-captains running behind him with two Eagles flags. 

My All-American boy. 

He was so much younger the last time I saw him run like this. He was a leader that seemed too small to lead, but now—now he’s the guy with the V that cuts down his abs and whose arms completely fill out the sleeves of his jersey; whose neck doesn’t seem so pencil-thin anymore. His sweaty hair is swept to either side, and the black lines swiped under his eyes somehow make him seem like this superhero. 

A hero who abandoned me when he got popular and when my life fell to shit, I remind myself. 

The team captains are met by one of the coaches at the fifty-yard line. He takes their flags to fold them while the boys huddle up to pray. It’s such a blatant disregard for the separation of church and state, yet it seems nothing could be more important than this bonding happening in front of us all. More than the quiet power of the moment, though, is that Lucas is the one leading the prayer. Arms over shoulders, circles standing within circles, these boys who I’ve seen do the most unchristian-like things give respect to his words. I wish I could hear him or be close enough to read his lips. Some of the boys look up to the sky, a few of them holding their helmets high while their heads lower. Lucas’s eyes are closed, and there’s an innocence in his features, that much I can see from here. They all start clapping and an echoing “Amen” accompanies their formation of a tighter circle until the clapping becomes thunder and soon . . . fuel. 

Lucas is the last to walk away from this private spot on the field. His head down, I recognize the familiar invisible weight on his shoulders. Even as kids, he always felt so damn responsible for everything and everyone. Especially for me. He rode his bike through rain to sneak me my favorite candy bar when my parents were fighting downstairs. And he insisted we fall asleep still on our phone call to each other if I felt scared or off. He sensed things when I didn’t share. He took burdens from me, whether I wanted him to or not, and shouldered them until he was sure my smile was real again. 

I miss him. I miss him so fucking much. 

I press my palms into my eyes while my friends aren’t looking, and manage to stop myself from feeling all of this somewhere so public. In less than a minute, the game takes over and distracts me from anything other than the anticipation and hope that brews in my belly every time Lucas throws the ball. He’s gotten better. I understand why his opportunity window is so big. There’s an easiness to the way he moves, and it’s more than instinct. He has plenty of that, though, after throwing the ball down our street to his dad every night—a million which ways and for hours on end. They haven’t thrown since freshman year, but that’s probably because Lucas has outgrown what his dad can give him.

giovedì 28 maggio 2020

Sweet Spot by Rebecca Jenshak

Release Date: 05.28.2020


A hot-headed college golfer falls for her swing coach in this fun and sexy sports romance.

Lincoln Reeves may be a pro golfer and revered swing coach, but when I meet him, he is just one more person telling me I’m not good enough.

So, I do what any girl in my position would do. I tell him to get lost and take his arrogant, annoying smirk with him. I never expect to see him again. I certainly don’t expect to run into him that same night after one too many tequila shots.

Turns out that he’s kind of a big deal. Okay, fine, a really big deal. In fact, he might be the one person who can take my game to the next level.

Convincing him to help will be difficult.

Not throwing my club at his handsome face when he makes me work harder than I thought humanly possible will be excruciating.

But not falling for him will be the hardest thing of all.


I love sports, I love to watch it and I love to read about it, but golf doesn't have the same appeal on me, because I see it more as an old, presumptuous, rich men kind of thing. But despite this, I decided to read this story to see if an author I esteem makes me like it.

Rebecca Jenshak succeeded to get me into golf, and her writing made me enjoy this story and these bunch of interesting, hot and funny characters.

Keira is a student, she plays golf for the college team but she feels like the team and especially her are not appreciated and supported as much as the men's team is. Lincoln is an ex pro golfer, now owner of a very successful coaching company and a coach swing himself.
They meet at the driving range and they start a nice, funny, weird friendship. They share the same love and passion for golf so Lincoln accepts to coach her immediately but working together puts a brake on their relationship.
Will Keira risk all her dreams to chase her coach's heart or the dream of becoming the best golfer is stronger than anything?

“Golf is a lot like love, I think. If it isn’t making you a little nuts, is it even real? Passion - good or bad, is how you can gauge what’s really important to people.”

Lincoln and Keira were cute and lovely and I recommend to read their story even if you are not a golf fan because there is more than that to their journey.

mercoledì 27 maggio 2020

Under Pressure by Kelly Moran

Release Date: 03.31.2020


You have the right to

As sheriff of Redwood Ridge, Parker Maloney has learned to bite his tongue at the ridiculous antics of the town's matchmakers. He's just grateful they've never messed with him before. Except it kind of seems like he's their next target. They keep sending him on one wild goose chase after another with a single common denominator--Madeline Freemont. Whatever. Maddie spent their youth terrorizing him and he has zero interest in reopening the claw marks. No matter how beautiful or intuitive or funny he finds her. Nope. He's laying down the law on this one. Yet there's something to her hot-as-hell spine of steel act he can't figure out and she's beginning to unlock the cell on his restraint.

Maddie Freemont's no newcomer to the cold shoulder. Most of the town never warmed up to her. Or tried. So when her ex leaves her high, dry, and so in debt she's forced onto the street, it's no shock there aren't any offered helping hands. She's making due by taking any odd job she can to scrape by. Even though she would've done anything for Parker's attention once upon a time, the last thing she needs is to be on his radar now. Why they suddenly keep crossing paths is a mystery. But it's becoming increasingly difficult to ignore his handsome, subtle charms--and how he's working his way under her resolve to expose desires she long ago shoved aside.


Under Pressure was a very good story, full of humour and emotions.

This is the last book set in the small town of Redwood Ridge where everyone knows each other and there are no secrets.
This city is ruled by three women who like to help cupid, playing matchmaker for the young folks.

I’ve enjoyed to read how Parker, the handsome sheriff, and Maddie, his beautiful and unattainable counterpart, page after page overcome their hurdles and many doubts in order to find happiness, love and approval.

I’m going to miss this bunch of characters but I’m sure Kelly Moran is already at work to give us more of her words and our next favourite novel.

Redeeming the Reclusive Earl by Virginia Heath

Release Date: 04.01.2020


His heart is a fortress.

And she’s trespassing!

After losing all he holds dear in a horrific fire, Max Aldersley, Earl of Rivenhall, shuns the world—until he catches Effie Nithercott digging holes on his estate! He banishes the intrepid archaeologist and the unsettled feelings she rouses within him. But she returns even more determined and infuriatingly desirable than before! He wonders just how deep she’s prepared to dig—so far she’ll reach the man beneath his scars?


I’ve really enjoyed this novel, I’ve particularly appreciated the characters building, that there isn’t an insta-love between the hero and the heroine and that also the side characters are amusing and essential to the story.

Max, the new Earl of Rivenhall, decided to hide away at his new mansion, far from London and its peering, judging, pitying eyeses.
He was glad he could stay alone licking his wounds but he didn’t know that with the property he also had inherited the beautiful and smart neighbour.
Effie is determinated to excavate his land in order to find relics and ruins of inestimable value to gain an aknowledgement from the male dominated archeological community.
Max and Effie start on the wrong foot, their bickerings are lively and animated, but day after day they begin to understand each other better and their relationship blooms in something more than a friendship.

It’s such a pleasure to read Virginia Heath works, I spend so much time with her characters, reading their adventures slowly wishing the story never end.

lunedì 25 maggio 2020

The Breakup Artist by Lila Monroe

Release Date: 05.11.2020


I’m an expert in break-ups. From the slow fade, to extreme ghosting, to, ‘but you never said I couldn’t send pics of my junk to your step-sister on Instagram’ - I’ve seen it all… and built a mini-empire along the way. My blog, the Break-Up Artist, uses my past heartache to help people move on - and avoid weeping on the floor at 3am consuming their body weight in spray cheese and Oreos. Ahem.

Now, I have a new job that could mean the big-time: helping a famous Hollywood it-couple navigate their tricky break-up. Except not everyone wants them Splitsville. The movie studio needs to keep them together to promote their big movie, and they’ve sent someone to make sure I fail in my first VIP gig.

Wes Baxter. Also known as my ex.
Also ALSO known as, the guy who broke my heart so thoroughly, I had to turn myself into a self-help guru just to get over him.

I’m determined to follow my own advice (no drooling over Wes’s perfect abs, or remembering how he rocked my world) but being trapped together at a luxe country retreat isn’t helping things… And neither is Wes’s early-morning naked swim habit. Soon, love is in the air, the sparks between us are hotter than ever, and I’m seriously questioning my ‘no backsies’ policy.

Wes swears he’s changed. He wants to try again, and he’s got an annoyingly sexy way of convincing me. But can second chances really work? Or has the Break-Up Artist finally met her match?


The Breakup Artist was a delightful read.
I smiled all the time while reading it and these characters made my day so much better.

Lila Monroe writing is a sure thing to put me in a good mood especially in the gray days.

Katie became the Breakup Artist when her boyfriend, Wes, ghosted her to start anew on the West coast.
She made a blog to overcome her sadness and insecurities, and after five years spent helping hundreds people with their breakups her work is really appreciated and she is also going to release a book, but when all seems going well she meets her ex.
Wes, a Hollywood studio lawyer, has to help the couple starring his studio latest movie with their relationship issues to avoid the bad press so when by chance he meets his ex girlfriend in New York he supports the actress decision to recruit her but he doesn’t expect that things can get weird and complicated pretty fast.

Could the Breakup Artist give a second chance to her ex who has broken her heart? Pick this book as soon as possible to find it out.