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Best Man by Lila Monroe

Release Date: 03.11.2019 Synopsis: Arthur 'Fitz' Fitzwilliam is the hottest, most reckless playboy in town... and my new husband?!  Believe me, I never dreamed that I'd be walking down the aisle to a quickie marriage with a total stranger, but thanks to my eccentric god-mother, an iron-clad will, and a blind, three-legged cat called Alfred (don't ask), I need to get hitched ASAP. And when the perfect candidate leaves me at the altar, there's only one person crazy - and drunk - enough to step up at the last minute.  The best man.  Also known as the man most likely to get caught romping with three Rockettes in the back of a Sex and the City tourbus. The man who could melt my panties at twenty paces - and make me want to pour a bucket of ice-water over his head. The man I just pledged to love and honor and... oh god, WHAT HAVE I DONE?! Our arrangement was clear: keep up the charade long enough for me to claim my inheritance and send my slime-ball cousins

The Trail to You by Lindsay Detwiler

Release Date: 03.16.2019 Synopsis: An independent blonde seeking a fresh start. Orphaned and unhappy, Ally Hunter makes a life-changing decision to move across the country to a small town that once felt like home. As she reinvents herself, she realizes there’s one part of the equation missing—love. However, a tragedy from the past makes her hesitate when it comes to giving up her heart. A betrayed man looking for a sense of pride. Abandoned by his first love and family, Ronan has one friend he can truly count on—his two-hundred-pound mastiff, Henry. When he returns home from service in the National Guard, though, he finds his entire life catapulted in a different direction with the disappearance of his beloved dog. A loyal four-legged friend who will unexpectedly bring them together. When Henry, Ronan’s brindle mastiff, finds himself far from home, Ronan sets out on a journey to bring him back. However, as the trail to Henry leads Ronan to Ridgewood, Virginia, and an int

The Fadeaway by Rebecca Jenshak

Release Date: 03.14.2019 Synopsis: This college jock is a total player. He’s used to getting who and what he wants.  Until her. . .  Katrina The hottest guy on campus won’t stop asking me out. I know that sounds like a good problem to have, but this guy… this guy has no idea how complicated my life is trying to juggle being a single mom and college student. Every Thursday, he shows up at the café where I work. His cheesy pickup lines and arrogance should have me completely annoyed. I’m not. I can’t say yes, but Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Joel The hottest girl on campus won’t go out with me. I know, I know, that sounds presumptuous, but this girl… this girl has gotten under my skin, and I can’t seem to walk away. Every Thursday, I show up at the café where she works. She’s fed me every excuse in the book. I should give up and bang one of the many girls blowing up my phone. I’m not. Even when she says no, Thursday is my favorite day of the week Revi

Jump Shot by Sierra Hill

Release Date: 03.04.2019 Synopsis: Some lies are meant to deceive. Others to protect. I’ve kept my secrets hidden only to protect the one girl I love the most – Mica Reyes. The one I want as more than just a friend.  But lies have a way of sabotaging your life and all they’ve done is pushed her away. Even when all I want to do is hold onto her for dear life.  Maybe I need to take a step back and let her go – like a fadeaway jump shot – before I hurt her and possibly destroy our love in the process. * This book covers sensitive subjects such as drug and alcohol addiction, recovery and racism. Review: I've read all the books of this series in a week and I've enjoyed every single one of them but Jump Shot is definitely my favourite. My heart broke for these characters and I've cried more than once before the end but this is an unfogerttable journey. Lance and Mica are friends with a serious attraction for each other.Mica came from an hispanic

Fast Break by Sierra Hill

Release Date: 03.04.2019 Synopsis: My life is a complete and utter disaster. One major screw up after another. I couldn’t hack college and couldn’t return home, so I escaped to Europe for the summer, where I ran into some trouble. Now I’m stuck in Florence, Italy with no money, no place to stay and no means of getting home.  Trouble finds me wherever I go.  Thankfully, my older brother, Cade, hooked me up with his old teammate. Now I’m staying with Gavin Lancaster, professional basketball player and my knight-in-shining-armor.  I never expected to make a fast break from reality and end up finding my home in him. Review: Fast Break was a nice, fast paced read. It takes place in Italy,my beautiful country, and even if some of the italian sentences sound weird to me as an italian mother tongue I've still enjoyed to read this story.  I liked Kady and Gavin journey,their personalities mix so well and their chemistry is really steamy.She is Cade's exubera

Pivot by Sierra Hill

Release Date: 03.04.2019 Synopsis: The past four years have been all about playing college ball, getting a draft pick for the NBA, and steering clear of relationships. I don’t want one. Everything I once had I gave to another girl.  And lost it. And I hate losing. There’s no way I’m going through that again.  But when a lay-up during a game landed me in need of medical attention, it brought me face-to-face with Logan Shaw – my first love – the girl who took it all and left me with nothing but regrets.  Now she’s back in my life and I have to face the consequences of our past actions.  Sometimes in life you’re forced to pivot and turn back before you can move forward in a new direction. Review: I love second chance at love books and I've really enjoyed this read. Pivot is full of feels that will warm your heart and will make you shed some tears, and some hot kinky sexy scenes that will definitely arouse your body. Carver and Logan aren't high schoo

The Rebound by Sierra Hill

Release Date: 03.04.2019 Synopsis: There are times I wish I was someone other than the shy, geeky, college virgin that I am.  I also wish that my crush on Van Gerard wasn’t one sided and that he looked at me as something other than his best friend’s little sister.  But he’s firmly drawn the line in the friendship territory, even though there are times I think he might feel the same way about me. But then I remember that Van has a long-time girlfriend and we’re strictly in the friend zone.  But I want more. So, when Van’s life is tur ned upside down, I’m there to comfort him. To break his fall. I’m his shoulder to cry on.   Even if he only considers me a rebound. Review: I loved this story,the main characters are so perfect for each other.  Kylah is a beautiful,shy,geeky girl.Van is a nice,affectionate guy who plays basketball with her big brother. They met at her brother's apartment and they immediately are comfortable in each other's

Full Court Press by Sierra Hill

Release Date: 03.04.2019 Synopsis: As a college basketball player, I don’t chase girls – they come to me. I’m the star athlete everyone wants a piece of, with skills on the court and in the sheets.  I get what I want, when I want it.  I’m unstoppable. Until I meet Ainsley Locker.  She doesn’t play games but plays hard to get, seemingly resistant to my charm.  That’s okay because I like a good challenge. And my plan is to go full-court-press to win her over and make her mine. As long as I don’t foul out in the process. Review: I really liked this story,the college experience,the drama,the law-breaking and all the handsome basketball players there was very little to not like it. Ainsley and Cade are two college students but their similarities stop at that,they can't be more different the first is serious,works two jobs and takes care of her sister,the latter is a playful athlete. They met by chance more than once,Ainsley doesn't like Cad

Flirting with the Frenemy by Pippa Grant

Release Date: 03.01.2019 Synopsis: Mission: Survive my best friend's wedding, where I must play nice with my ex and his perfect new girlfriend. Strategy: Bring the hottest fake boyfriend on the planet. Target: Grady Rock. Master Baker. Dimples. Muscles. The unicorn of fake boyfriends. Complication: Wyatt Morgan. My brother's best friend. My sworn enemy. Military man. Sexy as hell single dad. The man I let into my panties for one night of hot hate sex after my ex dumped me before my life fell apart. And the man who just scared off that perfect fake boyfriend. By pretending to be my real boyfriend. I can roll with this though. What's the harm in Flirting with the Frenemy if it helps me get the job done? Complete my mission and move on. Or so I thought. Until Wyatt kisses me again and I start feeling things I shouldn't. The thing about weddings...nothing ever goes as planned. Review: Flirting With the

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