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Deflected by Jami Davenport

Release Date: 05.23.2019 Synopsis: Alexander “Rush” Markov has been given an ultimatum by his team—shape up or ship out.  Alex is celebrating his biggest season in professional hockey, and he’s enjoying every minute of it—perhaps a little too much. He’s been non-stop partying like a rockstar since his team won it all, and management isn’t pleased. Next thing Alex knows, he’s been exiled to a remote island with orders to lay low, stay out of trouble, and avoid one-night stands.  Rosalind Newcomb is the quintessential good girl, and she’s fine with her role. Sure, she gets lonely and wishes for a special someone, but the choices on Madrona island are slim to none. When a panty-melting mystery man disrupts the peace and quiet in her bookstore, it’s dislike at first sight. The infuriating man turns her ordered life upside down and inside out and has her thinking about hot summer nights and tangled sheets. Only Alex isn’t who she thinks he is, and love isn’t all hearts and ro

Mom-Com by Marika Ray

Release Date: 05.23.2019 Synopsis: This dating experiment is about to go viral… Jameson When my eight-year-old son starts asking question about love, I decide to use a magazine article on how to woo a woman to prove, once and for all, that romantic love doesn’t exist. Companionship, habit, mild fondness, sure, but not that thing called love. I have my hypothesis ready and I’m dead set on experimenting on my new neighbor, the single mom who does the weirdest things. But my experiment goes awry in unexplainable ways... Lily-Marie When dating apps fail me spectacularly, I decide to go old school and use a 1950s magazine I dug up at a yard sale to help find Mr. Right. Fifty Ways to Find a Husband. Sounds legit. Problem is, my new neighbor, Mr. Science Professor, keeps blocking my attempts. And keeps losing his shirt. How does a book nerd have so many muscles anyway? Thing is, my kids like his son and we start spending a lot of time together, which is distracting me from my u

Frisky Business by Lila Monroe

Release Date: 05.13.2019 Synopsis: Noah Hathaway is infuriatingly hot, annoyingly charming… and my new room-mate?! This pet-sitting gig was supposed to be a vacation from drama, but that was before the hunky guy in the pool-house started sticking his nose (and his annoyingly chiseled abs) in my business.  I’m looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Most Likely to Sneak Out of Bed (And Steal Your Breakfast Pop Tart On the Way Out the Door), so despite the red-hot sparks between us, I’m determined to stay away. But when one little party gets way out of hand, we’re suddenly both on the wrong side of trouble. Unless we can come up with ten thousand dollars in the next three weeks, we’re screwed. And not just when it comes to the adorable pooches.  With the clock ticking, we have no choice but to team up and  embark on a madcap scheme to save our asses - with the help of a few furry friends. But with the chemistry between us reading Defcon-69, can I keep my hands (and heart) t

Surviving the Storm by Rachael Brownell

Release Date: 05.07.2019 Synopsis: When love turns to hate and you’re not sure who you can trust to help you escape alive…  Trapped. In this life. This sham of a marriage. All I wanted was to be noticed. When he walked into the bar that night and our eyes connected, the world around me disappeared. He was sexy, exuded confidence and wealth and was kind to me. That’s why I fell for every word that slipped pasts his lips. Every promise. Every sinfully sweet compliment. And every lie. And I fell hard.  He was a Senator. A man of power. A man who took control of what he wanted. No one said no to him. No one questioned him. And I fell in love fast - with him and the life he promised to provide.  So here I am. Married to one of the most powerful men in the state of Texas and there’s no way out.  I tried to leave once and he swore he would kill me if I ever tried again. But if I stay… I have a feeling he might do it anyway. Review: Surviving the Storm starts exa

The Deal by Natalie Wrye

Release Date: 04.24.2019 Synopsis: Every city hides a few sins. In Manhattan, what I did to Jesse Somerset was mine. Five years ago, I spent the night with my brother's best friend. Only he doesn't know it. Now he's back in my life. In need of a phony wife. And I know I'm going to sin again... Review: I enjoyed reading Marilyn and Jesse story. The Deal is the third book in the Manhattan Nights series, it could be read as a standalone but I really recommend you to read the previous ones too. Marilyn, an Hollywood actress, and Jesse, a lawyer, met at a party years ago,they instantly felt a burning chemistry but they chose to ingnore it because it was too complicated for Heath's best friend to pursue his little sister.  Now years later they meet again in Manhattan and they find out they didn't forget their feelings for each other but their future is still uncertein. Will their deal save their careers or will it complicate th

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