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Once Upon A Pirate - An Imperfect Scoundrel by Alyssa Drake

Release Date: 12.26.2019 Synopsis: As perilous battles, treachery and revenge give way to sinful kisses, no heart is safe. Set sail to the lush heat of the Tropics, the storm-tossed Northern realms, the wild Barbary Coast, and the hazardous waters of the South Seas, for tales of scandalous adventure and smouldering desire. Masterful pirate lords. Courageous heroines. Defying danger in pursuit of all-consuming love. Matching wits to claim the greatest treasure of all. Sixteen all-new swashbuckling historical romances. THE CAPTIVE VIXEN by Merry Farmer THE LADY AND THE PRIVATEER by Amy Rose Bennett THE STORMSWEPT STOWAWAY by Ellie St.Clair THE BRUCE’S ANGEL by Caroline Lee MAROONED by Anna Markland THE PLEASURE OF A PIRATE by Linda Rae Sande THE LADY’S GUIDE TO ESCAPING CANNIBALS by Emmanuelle de Maupassant FALCON by Ashe Barker THE DARK HEART OF THE SEA by Celeste Barclay JILTED AND KILTED by Mia Pride RUNAWAY DUKE By S. Cinders RESCUED BY PASSION by Sky Purington AN I

The Note by Natalie Wrye

Release Date: 12.09.2019 Synopsis: Whoever said "Revenge is sweet" is a g*ddamned liar. There's nothing "sweet" about the vengeance I want against Sophia Somerset. Because when this quick-tongued waitress with more curves than the real estate market makes off with my most prized possession—and the only item saving my company from collapse, payback is the only goal I have planned…at first. My only saving grace? The note she left behind. And my proof. Problem is: I can’t stop thinking about the adorably haphazard thief. Taking my revenge against Sophia may not be sweet. But it sure is sexy. If only I can save my company—and my traitorous heart—before it’s too late… Review: I've enjoyed The Note so much,it was brilliant,engaging,intriguing and suspenseful. Sophia and Noah meet in a bar,they drink a lot of tequila and they go home together but the morning after their lives become more intertwined than they expected. They coul

Home Alone on Hope Island by Portia MacIntosh

Release Date: 11.10.2019 Synopsis: Lexi Newman is coming home for Christmas… she should have called first The silver lining, when Lexi is dumped by her long-term boyfriend, is that she’s finally going to get to enjoy a family Christmas after years of doing whatever her ex wanted to them to do. The only problem is that Lexi hasn’t called ahead to let her parents know she’s coming… Lexi arrives at her Hope Island childhood home only to realise that her parents have decided to go on holiday for the festive season this year. With nowhere else to go, and no one else to stay with, Lexi is going to have to spend Christmas home alone in her parents’ big house, but the bigger the house, the emptier it seems. With her nosy neighbours suspicious and her childhood friends asking her all about her life, Lexi lies that she’s here to use her parents’ house for a big Christmas party while they are away, but as more and more people find out about the party, it’s going to take a lot mo

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