Angels' Kisses by Nikki Ashton

Release Date: 11.01.2017


Garratt Connor knew it wouldn’t take much to fall in love with his college girlfriend, Jemma, but tragedy tore them apart before they had barely got started. Seven years later, they meet again and nothing has changed, with Garratt determined they will continue where they left off.

Jemma Stevens never forgot her beautiful boy, but as much as she wants to follow her heart, she knows she can’t. She has a secret that could tear them apart again, but this time forever.

Garratt is a man determined to make Jemma his, and he’ll use every trick in the book to make sure it happens – after all, Garratt’s sexy moves and dirty mouth are irresistible, and that’s just his opinion. 

This is the story of the loss and tragedy we sometimes have to face on the path to happiness, but ultimately this a story of strength, determination and love.


Angels' Kisses is the second book in the Connor's series,it follows Garratt and Jemma thorugh their second chance at love and even if it could be read as a standalone I suggest you to also read book one because it's really good.

Garratt and Jemma's journey is very heartbreaking, heartwarming, funny and hot.
I envied Garratt fierce love and connection with Jemma,it doesn't even seem like it passed a day from last time they have seen each other because they never forgot their feelings during the seven years they were apart.
I really hope to find someone like him in real life.

Nikki Ashton flowing writing will make you feel immersed in the story and you will be able to struggle and have fun along with the main characters.


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