The Art of Us by Hilaria Alexander

Release Date: 01.26.2018


Two years ago, his kiss left her reeling, but she pushed him away and they never spoke of it again.

Lena Andrews is bad at love, and has no intention of getting better at it.
Men are good for one thing, and love isn’t it.
She’s perfectly okay with finding happiness in her job as a comic book artist.
Yet, she can’t shake the memory of her coworker’s kiss. 

Amos St. Clair has stayed the hell away from Lena Andrews for the last two years.
Work has filled his time and he’s on the cusp of making a name for himself. When an opportunity to complete a project that’s dear to Lena’s heart presents itself, Amos seizes the opportunity – even if it means being with the woman he's avoided all this time.

Through their mutual passion for art and each other, their love blooms like a lotus flower out of a dark, muddy pool. But, is their love strong enough to withstand the challenges posed by the most important job of their careers?


This book is amazing,it brought back my excitement for manga and anime,Japan and the japanese culture.

Lena is a broken woman who lives in a bubble made up of her work and her drawings,she has given up the hope of finding love and happiness years before,fortunately she met Amos who will bring her out of her head and will make her understand she deserves to be happy and to live her life in the best way she can.

"You don't hold the reins of your life.Fate does." 

Hilaria Alexander definitely know what she wrote. The accurate descriptions of the places and the habits of the japanese are so real that I easily thought I was there with the characters while I was reading.


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