All I Want by Tamara Lush

Release Date: 07.12.2019


Social media influencer Lauren Spencer is determined to find out why her best friend is getting married on a whim. When she travels to Paradise Beach to stop the wedding, she's the one who comes to a screeching halt when greeted with the sight of a gorgeous naked guy in her hotel room.

He just happens to be the groom's adorably uptight brother -- and the best man in the wedding. Oops. Too bad she's sworn off relationships.

As a successful real estate broker in New York City, Max Hastings has taken his workaholic ways back to his hometown of Paradise Beach, trying to ready his family's resort for sale and attend his youngest brother's shotgun wedding. Complicating matters: the maid of honor is the sexiest woman he's seen in years, and he wants her in his bed.

After some hot and heavy flirtation, Lauren and Max come to an agreement: a weekend wedding fling is just the thing both of them need.

But when Lauren suffers an accident and can't leave the island, Max finds himself more than willing to take care of her for more than a weekend. Will Lauren set aside her doubts about relationships to explore something real with Max?


All I Want was a very good and enjoyable story.
While I was reading the previous book I thought the older of Hastings' brothers was cold-hearted and a little too snobby for my liking, on the contrary I've completely changed my mind about him after this novel...maybe he did need of the right woman to show his true colours.

Lauren and Max are both invited at Kate and Damien wedding at Paradise Beach resort,the first is the bride's best friend and the latter the groom's older brother.They are a little skeptical about this speedy wedding but after they see the happy couple they will support them.

Lauren is an influencer,always perfect for a party and busy to reach her next destination,Max also travels a lot as a real estate broker,they have a lot in common but it seems they don't have a lot of time to stay in each other company.
Will they have fun just for a few days or their instant attraction could be a good start for something more lasting?

After the epilogue I can't wait to see what comes next.


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