Viral by T. Gephart

Release Date: 10.04.2019


A nothing-special rock band from Pittsburgh, PA is launched into the spotlight when the lead singer, Vaughan, posts a status on social media announcing the band’s implosion.

Ironic that money, fame and the opportunity of a lifetime came knocking at his door after what had been the worst day of his life.

Guess it couldn’t any worse . . . or could it?


Viral was a funny,sexy,entertaining and easy read.

Vaughan is the frontman of a not quite successful band and as a matter of fact they go viral thanks to a post where he rants about his girlfriend cheating on him with his bandmate and not thanks to their music.
This is only the beginning of Vaughan journey,I won't tell you more because I don't want to ruin you the enjoyment of the read but I can assure you that this rocker will make you swoon.

T. Gephart easily became a guarantee,she always delivers great stories and beautiful and fascinating characters.


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