B&Bers Behaving Madly by Sharley Scott

Release Date: 12.27.2019


Running a guesthouse is never plain sailing, as Katie can testify. Eccentric or challenging guests are the usual order of the day. But when a sinister man moves in across the road, the first ripples of unease appear.

Katie has learned the hard way that a seaside idyll is never what it seems. She and Jason have worked hard at their marriage, but now she has other issues to tackle.

While her new cleaner has proved to be a godsend, she comes with a complicated love life. Then there’s Katie and Jason’s daughters, Emily and Lucy, whose boomerang visits definitely have an ulterior motive.

And what about the threatening man opposite who has taken an intense dislike to Shona, the madcap owner of the adjoining B&B. Shona’s life has always been chaotic, but now it’s verging on disaster.

As the season moves on and guests come and go, Katie fears her daughters have been keeping secrets of their own, while Shona’s troubles come to a head.

When the B&Bers are behaving madly, anything can happen. Can Katie weather the storm?


B&Bers Behaving Madly is the second novel that follow Katie, the new owner of Flotsam Guesthouse. It could be read as a stand alone but I suggest you to read the previous book too because it's really nice and funny.

Katie and her husband Jason decided to leave their old life and their jobs to move to a seaside picturesque town in order to run a B&B. This is their second year and even if they have found a good rythm in balancing their work life and their relationship at times there still are some hiccups.

I liked to follow the adventures of these characters and I really wish to read soon more about them and their friends.


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