Paradise Forbidden by Natalie E. Wrye

Release Date: 08.28.2015


When Trevor Cassidy steps foot on a bus to "Nowhere," Tennessee, he boards with a singular purpose: to leave the life he led behind.

A desolate girl on the ride catches his eye, but he wants almostnothing to do with the ten-foot invisible wall that she's built around herself.

But when calamity strikes deep inside the Tennessee forest, Trevor and the lonely girl, Kat, must learn to trust each other if they want to make it back to civilization intact.

Breaking down Kat's walls will prove to be the hardest thing Trevor's ever done, and on top of that...she's hiding something: something that may threaten their very existence, their dwindling survival.

But how does Trevor uncover Kat's hidden agenda without bringing his own to light?


The author delivered an intriguing story,her writing style hooked me and took me on a journey full of discoveries with these characters.

I loved the descriptions of the places they see,I'm going to book a flight for Tennessee as soon as possible :)

Can't wait to read more about Zeus' friends,their dialogues are so funny.


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