Sweetest Mistake by Amy Olle

Release Date: 04.20.2016


When these two opposites attract, mistakes will be made. Lots of mistakes. Big, long, hard mistakes. Over and over, and over again…

When Emily Cole’s suitcase explodes on a crowded airport baggage claim in her new hometown, sexy cop Luke Nolan is the first to pick up her most intimate items, including her 7.5-inch, 20-speed, hot pink battery-operated-boyfriend!

In town to run the Winslow Inn on the picturesque island in Lake Michigan, Emily is determined to put her bed-and-breakfast in the small town's spotlight—while also keeping herself well out of it. But her sexy nemesis is bent on getting her into trouble, and when her impulsive retaliation to his teasing lands her in the local jail, Emily is ready to shove her tormentor into the lake… or the nearest bed.

Luke has one job—to keep the quiet, sleepy island town quiet and sleepy. No drama. No surprises. No tragedies. Never again. But the strawberry-blonde with the porn star mouth and interesting luggage turns his life upside down from the moment she sets foot on the island, and what began as a distraction from his memories of That Day, quickly turns into something more. Trouble is, Luke doesn’t want more with Emily—she’s not his type. She’s the opposite of his type. Until his brother Noah’s wedding, when bridesmaid Emily shows up with a sexy new look and their sweet tease escalates to a scorching hot hook-up that makes him forget why he was resisting the shy stutterer in the first place. 

Getting involved with her would be a huge mistake, though it just might turn out to be the sweetest mistake of his life.

*SWEETEST MISTAKE is the second book in the contemporary romance series featuring the five, Irish-born Nolan brothers. It is a full length, standalone novel with a Happily Ever After.*


I was so excited to read this story because I've already appreciated the Nolan brothers in "Beautiful Ruin" first book in the series and I was so glad to not have to wait too much before to have it.

Amy Olle made a great job writing this second book,that I have even liked more than the first one.Her words made me feel a real and strong connection with the main characters.

Emily's story has really broken my heart,I've also cried for her a few times.
She has had a really hard life,always feeling unworthy and insecure. 
After her mother died Emily hoped to change her lonely future going to live on Thief Island and buying the Winslow Inn but soon she understood that it wasn't so easy to overcome all her insecurities and to start anew even sharing her life journey with a beautiful man like Luke Nolan.

As soon as I've finished this book I've asked the author what will come next...I can't really wait!!!


She lobbed toffee-brown daggers at him. No woman ever looked at him like that. All he ever saw was adoration and longing.

A whiff of disappointment wafted through him. “You don’t talk much, do you?”

Her brown eyes cooled like an autumn frost. “Wo-would you, if y-you talked like m-me?”

A pang struck his chest, but he ignored it. “I wasn’t complaining. A quiet woman is like a mild winter. Both rare and a welcome relief.”

“Have I d-d-done something to offend you?”

“Not at all.” He leaned against her car. “It’s my job to protect the good citizens of this town from harm. I take my job very seriously.”

“And you think I’m going to hurt someone?”

“The problem is, I don’t know. I have to assume the worst until I’m shown otherwise.”

“You don’t have to,” she muttered.

“I mean, what do I really know about you? You’re five foot three if you’re an inch, thirty-two years old, and you recently bought an insanely large house.” He lowered his sunglasses to peer at her. “Oh, and you’re a Wildcat.”

Her sharp gaze swung to his face. “You've been spying on me?”

No, he hadn’t, though the thought had occurred to him. Rather, he’d obtained a wealth of information in a brief conversation with his brother, but she didn’t need to know that.

He shrugged. “I’m a cop.”

“You’re a terrorist.”

It occurred to him then that the more he tormented her, the less she stuttered. “You were one semester shy of graduation when you quit. Why is that?”

She stared up at him with soulful, brown eyes. A sliver of softness sloped through him.

“My mom got sick and I moved home to take care of her.”

He straightened away from the car. “I’m sorry,” he said softly.

Her hand shot out and she plucked the ticket from his grasp. She put the Jetta in gear and whipped out onto the road.

That night, while he sat up with his bottle of whiskey, he contemplated the fact that his encounter with Emily Cole was the best part of his whole day.


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