Hopeless Romantic by Seth King

Release Date: 07.27.2016


After losing his engagement to the woman he thought would be the great love of his life, twenty-three-year-old aspiring journalist Graham Herrera is in pieces. After four months, though, it becomes clear just how he can get his life back on track and reassemble his soul: write a book about his lost love and shed her bad blood forever. There’s just one problem: that would make him a “male romance author,” and according to society, men know nothing about romance, right?

Humorous and heartwarming, Seth King’s Hopeless Romantic is an inside look at what happens when you toss away the world’s judgments and decide to write your own future, one romance novel at a time.


I loved every truthful and honest word of this novella.

This debate about Male Authors and Romance is going on for a long time now and I really don't see where is a problem...as a Romance Reader I only care if a story is good and enjoyable.

Seth King succeeded to show in a few pages every kind of emotions and life lessons.I'm so glad he took the leap and published his first romance because this awful world needs more Hopeless Romantic like him.

I want to make a toast to many more beautiful masterpieces written by him in the future...Never Give Up!!!

"Once you loved someone irrevocably,that miles-deep kind of elegant wicked love,you would never fully unlove them again."


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