Tracing Holland by Alyson Santos

Release Date: 09.12.2016


Second chances are hard enough when you deserve them. Then there are the ones you don’t.

Callie asked if I was ready. And that’s the question, isn’t it? Ready for what? The spotlight? The music? Or ready for life. Ready to face the reality that what I was is going to attack the very fabric of who I am now. No one knows I’m a different person. Well, no one except the two most important people in my life, which is why there’s a remote chance I might actually pull off the comeback I never saw coming.

Then again, that was before Holland Drake crashed into my life. I didn’t ask for her. Heaven knows she didn’t ask for me. But sometimes it’s not about what makes sense; it’s about accepting that not everything will. It’s learning you have a choice when it feels like you don’t. It’s believing even the worst past can still have a future.

And sometimes it’s none of that. Sometimes it’s survival. A blind fight through the pain as you cling to any shred of hope you can find. And it’s those moments, those desperate pleas into the darkness for a flicker of light, when you have no choice but to confront the blessing that often feels like a curse:

You’re still alive. You’re still significant.

You’re once again Luke Craven, frontman for Night Shifts Black.

*Book 2 of the NSB Series.*


I loved this story as much as the first one.

Tracing Holland follows Luke's tormented journey toward serenity and happiness.

I was so glad to be finally able to read Luke's mind and to totally understand his actions.

Alyson Santos writing is so engaging you can't put down her books,that are not short, until you turn the last page.

I can't wait to find out what the author has in store for us in her next book...I'm curious to know more about the other bands members.

P.S. I'd be really happy to read a novella for a certain wedding...


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