Hail Mary by Julianna Marley

Release Date: 10.10.2016


He’s football’s poster boy with one thing on his mind. Well, perhaps two things, but Shay Cunningham’s outstanding football career and contract negotiations take precedent over everything else. Even women. Living life to the extreme, Shay’s past indiscretions continue to fuel his lifestyle. And that’s just how he likes it. 

Whitney Scott is broke, anxious and afraid. After an unexpected break up with her newborn baby’s father, her life is a mess. Down on her luck, she’s working hard to solidify her-and her baby’s-future. One uncertain step at a time.

When an emergency thrusts Shay and Whitney together will one heavy dose of uncertainty push them apart? Or will they be willing to make a Hail Mary pass with their hearts-trusting that the other one will catch it?


I enjoyed this story very much. 
It was a prefect Sunday read on the couch with some real football on TV in the background. 

Whitney is a kind and insecure woman who tries to be strong and independent at all cost, Shay is a sweet and caring man even if he always appears detached,their story is lovely.
These characters will grow on you page after page like a new born will grip your heart day after day with her gummy smile.

Julianna Marley wrote a nice and well paced story.
I'm looking forward to the next book in the series...I'm so curious after I've read that little snippet at the end.


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