Adventurous Proposal by Laura Barnard

Release Date: 11.14.2016


After a string of bad dates, Florence Gray is so over online dating. So much so, that if she has to survive another guy standing her up she might just do something crazy ... like accept the first proposal she gets. 

So when she finds herself alone in the bar, again, Florence can hardly believe her eyes-or ears-when Hugh Humphreys swoops in and presents her with an proposal so adventurous she can't believe she's actually considering saying yes.

Because, after all, twenty five days to plan a wedding is some feat and that’s while getting to know your fiancée, their disapproving Mother and dealing with a jealous ex. Throw in the small matter of where they should live and you have Florence wondering what the hell she's gotten herself into.

Can you really countdown to a wedding like an advent calendar? Fall in love with a stranger and make them your husband? Because if she's going to make it down the aisle Christmas morning, Florence has to find out and fast.


I have really enjoyed this nice quick story.

The title and cover have immediately caught my attention,the entertaining plot and the flowing writing made it hard to put it down.

The main characters,Hugh and Florence,are lovable and cute and you cannot not to support their weird plan even if it is a little bit crazy.
The supporting characters add so much fun to the story.

I particularly loved the ending...the last sentence put an indelible smile on my face.

"...when it comes down to it being in love isn't about listing someone's hobbies or having loads in common.It's about the feeling you get when you look at them,the feeling of coming home."


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