Plus One by Mae Wood

Release Date: 02.06.2017


1 part tatted-up single dad restaurateur 
1 part effervescent younger wine rep 
Spice generously with sexual tension 
Combine at a foodie conference 
Serve steaming hot 

At not-quite forty and with his son in his last year of high school, Bert's going to be dining alone. 

His restaurant's wine rep has a few ideas on how he might sate all of his appetites. 

He hasn't been buying what she's been selling, but she’s only in Memphis for a few months before moving back home to California…and he is only mortal. 

Besides, it's not like he's going to fall in love for the first time in his life or anything crazy like that, right? 


Plus One is the story of a sexy and tatted DILF and a witty wine girl.

I've really enjoyed reading this third installment of the Pig & Barley series even if it wasn't at al what I expected from the blurb.It is funny and hot as the previous ones but also a lot more sweet.

I liked the main characters so much I cheered for their happiness from page 1.
It was about time that our Hero,Bert,started to live his life for himself.Fortunately he met the woman who will take him on more than one adventure making him try every day something new. 

I'm already excited to read whatever Mae Wood will give us in the future.


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