Someday by Liz Lovelock

Release Date: 02.08.2017


There’s always a new beginning whispering your name. You just have to have the courage to hear it.

In the space of a few short hours, Chloe’s world does a complete three-sixty. She loses her job thanks to her douchebag ex-boyfriend. Only to come home and catch her current boyfriend and best friend in a compromising position. 

When she thinks things couldn’t get any worse; she learns the man she calls her father may not be her actual dad thanks to her lying, cheating mother. How is Chloe supposed to forgive a parent who’s deceived her, her entire life?

With her bags packed, and the hope of rediscovering the happiness she once enjoyed, she heads to a place where not even she knows is waiting for her—Canyon Bay.

Can the people Chloe meets there open her eyes and heart to the someday she’s been waiting for?


When I finished this book I was a mess,my emotions were all over the place.

Someday will make you smile and cry,it will break your heart more than once then it will mend it back together again,it will give you Hope and closure.
Liz Lovelock words inspired me and I'll definitely look at life in a different way.

Chloe and Seth journey is not easy.They both have to learn how to trust each other and to overcome the sadness their past brought to their lives in order to be happy.

I loved the scenery.Canyon Bay is so beautifully and perfectly portrayed by the author that is definitely I place I'd like to visit.

I'll patiently wait for the next book in the series because I'm so curious to know more about the other character I met in this novel.


“Are you stalking me? Why didn’t you simply call, instead of scaring the ever-loving hell out of me?” I ask, once I compose and adjust myself in my seat. My pulse races with excitement as well as fright.

He erupts with laughter. “No, although I’m sure that’s what it looks like. It’s not a bad idea.” He wiggles his eyebrows at me. My body decides to respond with flutters trailing up and down my spine.

“You do realize I could get you arrested?” I raise my eyebrows with a cheeky smile on my face. My flirtatiousness pokes its head out of the corner I’d stashed it in.

“Oh, I’d love to see you try, my little damsel in distress,” he tuts, clicking his tongue.

“I can be very persuasive,” I say seductively, pouting my lips.

“Oh really?” he says briefly. “I’ll have to wait and see about that.”

My eyes drop to my hands to hide the shy smile playing on my lips.

“I have a tendency to catch you by surprise,” he says as if he’s super proud of his efforts.

“Yeah, you tend to do that.”

“It’s rather fun.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Sarcasm drips from my words.

He stands at the bottom of the porch steps. He is a great-looking man. He’s still in his work clothes and a tad greasy. Damn! Those arms are toned, and I can easily imagine myself wrapped in them.
Snap out of it! I cuss myself.

“I actually wanted to see if you were busy tonight.”

Umm . . . what?
Finally, after a moment, I respond. “Yeah, sorry. I’ve got plans to go visit Sherri. She invited me over when I saw her yesterday.”

“Yeah, that sounds like her.” He grins knowingly. “Would you like some company? I can pick you up and take you so you don’t get lost or . . . bust another tyre.”

His playful response makes me immediately want to say yes. A battle begins waging within me. Men equal trouble and betrayal, I remind myself. “No, I’ll be okay. Thanks though.”

He nods, seeming to accept my answer. “So, what’s Chloe done now?” he repeats.

“Oh, that’s not important.” I wave my hand.

“Oh, come on, I’m a good listener.” Without an invitation, he leaps up the stairs and sits in the empty chair beside me. Our arms are centimetres from each other. My body becomes alive, and I’m fully aware of his proximity.

“I don’t even know you . . . Why would I tell you?”

His blue eyes gaze at me. I wonder what he’s thinking “Well how about I prove to you I’m someone you can rely on?” I wasn’t expecting this question.

“Pfft . . .” I expel a breath of air between my taut lips. “Wait, what? Me trusting you might be harder work than you realise.”

He doesn’t respond; instead, he looks out over the ocean. The silence is only broken by the sounds of the sea and seagulls. I watch the water slide along the sand with each new wave, smoothing out every imprint, making it flat once again. If only things in our lives could be washed away as easily as the sea made it look.

“I’m more than ready to prove myself.”

Goosebumps prickle over my skin. I shift my body to look directly at him. “Why?”

He simply shrugs, not shifting his eyes from mine. “Because I can, and I think everyone should have a friend.” His grin is infectious, making my stomach clench.

“Well good luck to you then, dear sir.”

He stands from his seat, taking my hand once again and placing another light kiss upon the back of it. “And to you, fair lady. Please try not to fall too hard for me. It might hurt.” He seems so sure of himself.

“Me? Fall hard? I think you’re the one that better not fall. This,” my free hand gestures to my body, “is hard to resist.”

His eyes ogle me. Quickly clearing his throat, he releases my hand. “Umm yeah . . .” Another clearing of his throat. “Yeah, you got me there. I’ll do my best.”

“Game, set, and match, my dear sir.”


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