Rumors, Episode 2 by Rachael Brownell

Release Date: 04.26.2018


Broken heart after broken heart, Justine is about to give up on dating when an unexpected meeting, followed by a night spent getting to know each other, leads Justine to believe that she may have found the man she’s been waiting for. Things are finally looking up until the man who ruined her waltzes back into her life.

For Devon, it was supposed to be a quick trip up north. A surprise party for a friend’s birthday, but the surprise is on him. He didn’t count on falling for Justine and he wasn’t in the market for anything serious, but she makes him want to change everything. After spending every available moment together, Devon’s ready to take the plunge and uproot his life for her.

Rumors begin to fly, reaching Devon in Chicago. He doesn’t know whether to believe what he’s being told and forget his feelings for Justine or stand up and fight for what he wants.


I've loved this second episode of Rumors.

Devon and Justine are so cute together.They met at a Ryder's party and it's love at first sight.It isn't easy for them not living in the same city but their feelings are strong until a rumor spreds in Justine's office and it reaches Devon's ears undermining their relationship.

I recommend you to start this series right now because it's really good and you are missing a lot of nice novels.


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