Rumors, Episode 3 by Rachael Brownell

Release Date: 05.31.2018


Tyler has been in love with Angela since the day she nearly ran him off the road. He can’t imagine not having her as a part of his life. Proposing to her felt right. Living together has been amazing. When he hears what people are saying about her, he can’t help but wonder if Angela is hiding something from him.

He knows better than to listen to the gossip. Nothing good ever comes from the rumors that circulate through the office and there’s never any truth to them. Right?

Rumors fly as their wedding approaches, leaving Tyler in a bind. Does he confront Angela or take the plunge, marry her, and hope she hasn’t been lying to him?


This series keeps getting better.
I like to read more about all the characters from the other books and getting to know new details about the main couple of rthis one.

The third rumor is about Tyler and Angela.They are already in a relationship and it looks like they are the real deal...could this news destroy their trust in each other?

I really loved to read about the wedding and all the planning our heroine did, and without any stress and pressure for me it was even more enjoyable.


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