From Ice To Flames by A.M. Hargrove

Release Date: 09.12.2018


One Rule: No More Men.
Two years ago I walked away from a marriage I thought would last forever and all I got from it was Dick… 

and I don’t mean the one between my stupid ex’s legs. 

I’m talking about the one-hundred-sixty pound furry kind said ex dropped off at my doorstep.

But I’d take Dick over any man, any day. 

So why did I resemble my dog, panting and drooling, whenever I ran into Hudson West, my sexy neighbor?

True, the gorgeous veterinarian was hotter than sin.

And my new roommate only made it impossible for me to avoid conversation with a man I didn’t need.

Until … some asshole decided to run Dick down.

And it was hotter than hell Hudson who came to his rescue.

Then it became impossible to ignore him.

It was only supposed to be a fling, a quickie, a one and done, I’d given into.

We both had reasons to keep it that way … my one rule and his five-year-old son.

Except things didn’t quite work out that way.

One turned into two, then three, annnnd you get the picture.

Before we knew it, he gave me a lot more than puppies and fairy tales.

I was in way too deep.

And that stupid rule?

I should’ve stuck to it because now more than my heart was at risk.


I've really enjoyed From Ice To Flames.
The characters (humans,little humans,dogs and puppies),the slow burn,the angst,the fun and the smooth words made of this a very good read.

Hudson and Milly have suffered a broken heart in their past weddings so they are reluctant to start any type of relationships and them being neighbours make it even more difficult and weird.
Will they surrender to their fate and give love a second chance?
I rooted for them from start to end,I loved their easy banters.

I can’t wait to read the last brother's story thatnks to the little bomb the author threw at the end of this one.


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