Left Behind by Linnea Valle

Release Date: 10.03.2019


The plan was simple.
High school sweethearts going off to college together to start the rest of their lives.

Brandon suddenly changed everything.

Without word or notice, Brandon joined the Marines. The new plan was great, except Kate was left behind to wait for him.


War bonded Brandon and Roberto and helped save Brandon from himself. Theirs was the friendship of a lifetime in a time and place where both connections and soldiers became statistics.

Years later, the war ripped Roberto away, leaving Brandon behind to fight new battles.

Can Brandon live through another of life’s perils, or will he end up just another statistic of war?


Left Behind is a short novella but not a quick read for me because I had to stop reading several times to dry my eyes.
Linnea Valle mastered the art of conveying deep feelings with her words, her stories aim to break your heart and to think about important matters like suicide in this case.

Brandon,a retired marine, and his wife Kate quiet life is turned upside down by a call that informed them that their best friend is dead. From that point on Brandon begins doubting about his life's choices, he distanced himself from the people who love him spending a lot of time inside his own head with his scary thoughts about war. Kate feels powerless and day after day they drift apart.
Will Brandon find his happiness again or his fate is already written?

I remommend to read this story that talks about war,love and the importance of seeking help before it's too late.


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