Street Smart by Aly Stiles


Release Date: 03.02.2021


What could go wrong—four words MBA student Marcos Oliveira ignored when he accepted a prestigious internship at Reedweather Media, a subsidiary of the legendary Sandeke Telecom empire.

What did go wrong? Everything.

And when Marcos stumbles upon incriminating documents that signal corporate espionage against Sandeke’s son Martin, he suspects his strange intern wormhole has just exploded into chaos. When his alluring boss Eva draws him in to thwart the plot, he knows it.

After spending their lives overcoming adversity, can Marcos and Eva handle this latest threat? Even more perilous might be their losing battle against forbidden attraction.

His Ivy League education didn’t prepare him for spy games and illicit flames. Good thing he has the street smarts to work for it.


When Marcos Oliveira accepts to be the new intern for Evangeline Reedweather doesn't even imagine to become a spy in order to expose the mole who threatens the Reedweather Media. Eva hired Marcos because from his resume he seems the right guy to save her father's company, little she knows that he is also handsome and sexy. Their working closeness and their secret meetings don't help to refrein their growing attraction. Will they find the mole? Will they end up in a loving relationship?

I liked to follow Eva and Marcos on this journey, every twist and turn kept me engrossed in their story. Both the main characters are smart, beautiful, focused on their work, I loved them the same way and I cheered for them throughout the book.

“Anyone can shine in a spotlight. Show me the person who radiates from the shadows.”

Aly Stiles wrote a quick and entertaining rom com, even if mentioning Marcos not so easy and happy past gives to the story a deeper meaning.

Read Street Smart if you are bored and enjoy the humour and the mystery that pervade this novel.


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