Falling For You by Mari Suggs

Release Date: 02.07.2017


25-year-old Rachel Moore has the perfect life: A job she loves, lots of free time, and most importantly to her, an ocean-view-condo on a paradise island. She loves the island and has never questioned the place she calls home. That is, until Luke Wellington, a 28-year old business mogul steps foot on the island. The last thing Rachel expected was to break her number one rule—never get involved with a tourist. Despite her efforts to push him away, she ends up getting closer than she ever imagined. Even after learning that Luke is keeping something from her, she is unable to break it off.

His deception leads them on a journey neither of them could’ve predicted. By the time Rachel finds out what he's been keeping from her, her life is unrecognizable.


Fallin For You was a nice,entertaining read.

Mari Suggs delivered a good and believable story,thanks to her evocative words it seems to see clearly the places and the characters.
I was so invested into this story that I wasn't ready to leave all the characters, I wanted to know more about their lives.

I've enjoyed to follow Rachel and Luke into their journey,to see their very different worlds to collide under the sun on a beautiful island.


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