Waiting For You by Claudia Connor

Release Date: 03.15.2019


When ER nurse Nora Sellers is hurt in a hospital scuffle, firefighter Zach Walker blames himself. Blaming himself is nothing new. He’s been blaming himself for years for the trauma his baby sister endured as a teenager. Though with his happy–go–lucky attitude no one would know it. He’s good at his job, he’s a good brother, and a good friend, but Zach decided long ago he wasn’t husband and father material. 

Even so, when Zach learns Nora is a single mother with a house that needs his help, he can’t walk away. After a few days with Nora and her ten month old son, he knows he doesn’t want to. 

But Nora’s wary. She learned at a young age that the only person she can count on is herself. Now with a baby, a job, and a fixer–upper house, the last thing Nora wants is a sexy firefighter, making her heart flutter. But Zach is more than what he seems, and the more she gets to know him the harder he is to resist. 

She’s been brave all her life. Can she be brave one more time and take a chance of a lifetime with her heart?


This is one of my favourite author and when she writes about single parents I enjoy the story even more.

Nora is a nurse and a single mom,she is fairly new to town when she meets Zach, a good looking firefighter, who will help her to fix every problem her new house has and in the meantime he will 
take down all her reservations.
I liked their journey and I've appreciate Nora's strength,she is so independent and she really believe she doesn't need any help but at the end it is beautiful to learn that is so much pleasurable to share the weight of this life with someone who loves and understands us.

I can't wait to read more book in this series...please Mrs. Connor give us more of these characters soon.


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