The Breakup Artist by Lila Monroe

Release Date: 05.11.2020


I’m an expert in break-ups. From the slow fade, to extreme ghosting, to, ‘but you never said I couldn’t send pics of my junk to your step-sister on Instagram’ - I’ve seen it all… and built a mini-empire along the way. My blog, the Break-Up Artist, uses my past heartache to help people move on - and avoid weeping on the floor at 3am consuming their body weight in spray cheese and Oreos. Ahem.

Now, I have a new job that could mean the big-time: helping a famous Hollywood it-couple navigate their tricky break-up. Except not everyone wants them Splitsville. The movie studio needs to keep them together to promote their big movie, and they’ve sent someone to make sure I fail in my first VIP gig.

Wes Baxter. Also known as my ex.
Also ALSO known as, the guy who broke my heart so thoroughly, I had to turn myself into a self-help guru just to get over him.

I’m determined to follow my own advice (no drooling over Wes’s perfect abs, or remembering how he rocked my world) but being trapped together at a luxe country retreat isn’t helping things… And neither is Wes’s early-morning naked swim habit. Soon, love is in the air, the sparks between us are hotter than ever, and I’m seriously questioning my ‘no backsies’ policy.

Wes swears he’s changed. He wants to try again, and he’s got an annoyingly sexy way of convincing me. But can second chances really work? Or has the Break-Up Artist finally met her match?


The Breakup Artist was a delightful read.
I smiled all the time while reading it and these characters made my day so much better.

Lila Monroe writing is a sure thing to put me in a good mood especially in the gray days.

Katie became the Breakup Artist when her boyfriend, Wes, ghosted her to start anew on the West coast.
She made a blog to overcome her sadness and insecurities, and after five years spent helping hundreds people with their breakups her work is really appreciated and she is also going to release a book, but when all seems going well she meets her ex.
Wes, a Hollywood studio lawyer, has to help the couple starring his studio latest movie with their relationship issues to avoid the bad press so when by chance he meets his ex girlfriend in New York he supports the actress decision to recruit her but he doesn’t expect that things can get weird and complicated pretty fast.

Could the Breakup Artist give a second chance to her ex who has broken her heart? Pick this book as soon as possible to find it out.


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