Falling North by Alyson Santos

Release Date: 04.23.2020


Turner Artist Management Urgent Action Item:
✔ Save Falling Back North from implosion.
When your agency’s newest artist shows signs of collapse, you jump on the problem. When it involves a potential rift between the brothers who form the band’s soul, you throw your Hail Mary.

So I did—by hiring a respected marketing goddess to save them. But when demons run deep and the stakes are extreme, it might prove too much for the band’s drummer and leader who’s been carrying them all since childhood. Enormous pressure compounded by impending heartbreak, what’s an agency to do?

See, I’m just the manager. The story that follows actually belongs to my client Xander Silva and the innocent marketing siren about to blow him to shreds.

Because now that both brothers have their hearts set on the same woman, everyone’s desperate to know:



Falling North was an intense, full of emotions, heartbreaking and heartwarming read.

Lydia is a PR hired to help a new struggling band to get the attention of the public it deserves.
Xander and his brother, Matty, form the Falling Back North with their cousins.
Lydia’s work is not easy because it seems that the two brothers don’t have any narrative to grab the fans attention, in fact Xander made everything in his power to bury their past but really soon he will have to confront with his demons.

I’ve appreciates how Xander and Lydia tried to ignore their attraction for each other and their burning chemestry in order to protect their job and family but you know when real Love is in the air you don’t get any chance.

I recommend this book and the previous Alyson Santos works because she is my favourite author when it gets to Rock Bands romance.


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