Secret Puck by Rebecca Jenshak


Release Date: 10.19.2020


Secretly hooking up with the team captain's sister was a bad idea.
In my defense, the first time I saw her I didn't know who she was.
Kind, gorgeous, a little naïve. Ginny brightened my world from day one.
I knew I was no good for her. She was just out of a relationship and I had a reputation for having a new girl in my bed every weekend.
I tried to do the right thing. Honest.
I'm the one who insisted we should be just friends.
That lasted about as long as you'd expect.
But Ginny? She's the best - best friend, best everything.
So yeah, hooking up with the team captain's sister wasn't a great idea.
Would I do it again?
In a heartbeat.


Welcome back to the Velley U!!

Rebecca Jenshak brings us back to the campus where we previously fell in love with a bunch of beautiful and funny jocks. Now we meet another group of friends and I can assure you they have nothing to envy to the old ones who in the meantime have graduated.

Secret Puck was a nice and sweet read, low in the drama side and full of funny scenes.

Heath is a promising hockey player, he likes flings without any feelings. Ginny is a freshman, she has planned to start college with her high school boyfriend but that never happened so now she is broken hearted and she is lonely. She accepts her older broter’s help and she goes to his party to meet some new friends. Here she meets Heath, her brother’s teammate, and between them there is istantly a physical attraction but they are looking for different experiences at the college so they choose to be friends. Will they succed to be just friends? Or will they give in to the chemistry they have?

I really enjoyed this story and I’m looking for the next one because I’ve also appreciated the supporting characters.


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